She’s been a spy, a supervillain and an Avenger, but now, Black Widow becomes host to the Venom symbiote thanks to a cosplay collaboration between artists Romain Revert and Darks Lauf.

Recently, 3D artist Romain Revert shared their work via Twitter, and the results are quite something to behold. Revert takes the original photos of Darks Lauf in her Black Widow cosplay and added CG elements to transform her into a gnarly-looking Venom. Revert’s compositing over the original photo is virtually seamless, adding a bevy of teeth, tendrils and black goo that are synonymous with the Venom symbiote. Most impressive is the way Revert has the symbiote growing around Black Widow, with her face peeking out of a giant maw of teeth and the trademark Venom tongue. The teeth even extend to one of Widow’s guns, resulting in some rather Cronenberg-esque body horror. Check out their brilliant work below:


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Black Widow Gets Venom-ized In Amazing Cosplay

Revert also shared his behind-the-scenes process for turning Darks Lauf’s Black Widow cosplay into a CG composite creation. First, the digital artist began by melding different photos together to get the right pose, before creating some mock-up concept art to determine where the Venom symbiote will go. Revert also shows off the 3D wire-mapping for the CG elements, revealing that he took inspiration from a Venom-ized Iron Man figure from Hot Toys. It’s an incredible amount of work that goes into one single image, but the results speak for themselves.

The Behind-the-Scenes Process For All-New Venom/Black Widow Cosplay

It’s a mash-up that makes sense, given the nomenclature of their alter egos. Black Widow seems like a natural fit for Spider-Man’s supporting cast, so having her possessed by the Venom symbiote feels inevitable. It’s surprising that the Black Widow/Spider-Man relationship hasn’t been explored more in-depth in the comics, as there is plenty of story potential to play around with in both of the arachnid-themed characters. Interestingly, Black Widow was briefly imbued with spider-powers on the animated adaptation of the “Spider Island” story that appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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Whether or not Black Widow takes on the Venom symbiote any time soon remains to be seen, but fans will always have this cosplay collaboration between Romain Revert and Darks Lauf to enjoy in the meantime.

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