Venom 3 finally gets an exciting update from its leading star, Tom Hardy, as the next installment in the Venom franchise is being worked on by Sony.

Venom 3 finally gets an exciting update from its leading star, Tom Hardy. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is still moving forward, as the studio has several films in the works. One of them is Venom 3, part of the film series that help set up the Spider-Man-inspired universe. While it didn’t lead to any major plots, Hardy’s Eddie Brock was last seen briefly in Spider-Man: No Way Home after he and the Symbiote had been transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What was a brief cameo, Hardy’s character ended up getting sent back to his world. Not long after that, Venom 3 was properly announced by Sony Pictures.

News has been slow lately on the progress of Venom 3, especially after Hardy’s Spider-Man: No Way Home appearance. After months of no updates, Hardy revealed on Instagram that Venom 3 is officially in pre-production.

Deleted Venom 2 Scene

As a way to give fans a solid update on the project, the star also shared a deleted scene that was cut from a previous Venom movie featuring Eddie and the Symbiote having a hilarious exchange. Watch the clip below.

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Everything We Know About Venom 3

To this point, Sony Pictures has not set an official release date for Venom 3, and it’s unclear what the final title will be. In late October 2022, Kelly Marcel was officially hired to direct and write Venom 3. Marcel is no stranger to the Venom franchise, as she previously wrote the first two installments and served as a producer on both films. The Venom 3 director and Hardy will together pen the screenplay.

Outside of Hardy, the only cast member that is currently eyed to return for Venom 3 is Michelle Williams as Anne Weying. While she has expressed interest, Sony Pictures haven’t determined one way or the other if Williams is officially attached to the project. It has also not been indicated if Venom 3 will address the plot point that Hardy’s Spider-Man: No Way Home cameo set up that a piece of the Symbiote is still stuck in the MCU. More details on that will likely begin to emerge the closer they get to principal photography.

The bigger question that remains is whether or not Hardy will be done with Sony’s Spider-Man Universe after Venom 3. With Sony also working on a live-action Spider-Man TV universe, time will tell if those series will tie in to the films. Even if there isn’t a Venom 4 after the next film, seeing Hardy reprise the role in other movies or the Amazon shows would be intriguing, and give his character some more longevity in the franchise. It will all depend on how Venom 3 performs commercially and critically, but hopefully, it will be made clear soon if this film will be the final one or not for Hardy.

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