Visitors to the bar owned by Vanderpump Rules’ co-stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz share their experiences, which have left them unimpressed.

Schwartz and Sandy’s, which is owned by Vanderpump Rules co-stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval, is making both locals and fans of the Bravo series to question the bar. Vanderpump Rules season 9 began with the two Toms discussing wanting to own a bar that was their own, apart from Lisa Vanderpump, whom they had previously gone into business with through a bar named TomTom. This idea began to cause drama within the friend group, including playing a role in Tom Schwartz’s divorce from then-wife and co-star Katie Maloney. Just prior to the Vanderpump Rules season 10 premiere, Schwartz and Sandy’s finally opened in the trendy Franklin Village area of Los Angeles.

Due to its popular area, known owners, and the ability to gain exposure on Bravo, the Vanderpump Rules stars’ Schwartz and Sandy’s started off with great potential. However, it seems that this potential is waning, as the both the locals and fans are raising concerns over just how seriously the Toms are taking their joint business venture. Reddit user VaguelyArtistic posed a question, asking, “So what’s going on with this place?”

After supplying a list of things that seemed off about the bar, others began to chime in with their own experiences. “Weren’t able to make multiple drinks listed on the menu,” claimed user swandive6, while Afraid_Resort_9018 stated that they were unable to get food at 10 p.m. on a Friday. “If you’re going to have tables, at least have a few late-night options on the weekends.

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Vanderpump Rules Fans Say Schwartz & Sandy’s Lacks Professionalism

Tom Schwartz from Vanderpump Rules on Watch What Happens Live holding

Despite years of experience under restaurateur Lisa, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval seem to be missing the mark with Schwartz and Sandy’s. Regarding their website, VaguelyArtistic went on, stating, “It has always looked unprofessional, but I expected they’d launch the ‘real’ site once it opened,” which they have not. They noted that TomTom has an impressive social media presence, while Schwartz and Sandy’s is failing in comparison. “The place was supposed to be Instagrammable. They have a total of 19 photos.” This user then went on to list why these 19 given photos are not great representations of the bar, questioning why the Toms are not putting more of an effort into the image of their business.

Tom Schwartz admitted during Vanderpump Rules season 10 that he felt frustrated with Tom Sandoval’s divided attention, as the latter forged forward with a new band in the midst of the reality stars trying to open their bar. Meanwhile, the former threw all of his resources, both time and money, into trying to get the bar open, to the extent that his already-cracked marriage completely fell apart. Hopefully, this conversation was heard, and the rest of the season shows these owners on the same page. After all, Schwartz and Sandy’s is still new; therefore, kinks are expected. As long as things are addressed, it still has the potential to be a huge success, not only for the Toms but also for the neighborhood in which the bar resides.

With cast members starting their own businesses, new relationships blooming, and relationships that are now broken all occurring at the same time, Vanderpump Rules season 10 promises to be an entertaining ride. It is unknown how much Schwartz and Sandy’s will be featured this season, but hopefully as the months progress and more patrons visit their location, the Toms will take note of what works and what doesn’t, making adjustments as needed should further issues arise. Since the co-owners might not always have an income from Vanderpump Rules, making this venture successful will hopefully become a top priority.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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