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One of the most important aspects of Valheim is creating the perfect base to live in while trying to survive in this harsh world. A solidly crafted base will allow players to avoid the elements, keep themselves warm while they cook food, and even have a safe place to craft new weapons and armor. Those who want to survive for very long will want to have a good base as soon as possible.


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If the player puts the work into creating their base they will also want to ensure that they put even more effort into creating defenses. A base is only as strong as the defenses that the player has created to protect it, so they will want to invest in these as they possibly can. Some of these defenses will be created using resources whereas others are more natural deterrents. This guide shows players the best defenses in the game and how to create them.

Valheim – Best Base Defenses

A player enters their base in Valheim

Defensive Walls – One of the best things for players to put up in Valheim to protect their base is just very plain Defensive Walls. All the player needs to construct these is to first craft a workbench at their base and then use normal wood to begin crafting walls. These walls are excellent for stopping enemies from getting inside the player’s perimeter and should back all but the strongest enemies for a while. Once the player makes it to the further portions of the game they can also use a Stone Cutter to craft walls out of stone, which is much stronger than their wooden counterparts.

Plateaus and Moats – Another great way to defend against incoming attackers is to use the environment itself as a defense. If the player goes to their workbench they can craft a hoe and eventually a pickaxe (once they defeat the first boss), which allows them to shape the environment to their needs. The pickaxe can be used to dig down into the ground in order to create large holes or moats that enemies won’t be able to cross. On the other hand, though players can use the hoe to raise the updated terrain around themselves and create physical barriers or even plateaus to build on top of that will prevent enemies from even getting close to the player’s base.

Staketraps – These are perfect for dealing damage to enemies without the player having to do anything themselves. Basically, these traps can be set up anywhere that the player wishes, and any enemies that get close to them will impale themselves and get injured. All the player has to do is get their hands on some core wood from pine trees to be able to craft these objects. They work perfectly in front of defensive walls, as the first barrier around the perimeter, or even at the bottom of a pit or moat to damage enemies.

Towers and Windows – Much of the time players will need to be able to attack enemies directly without putting themselves in danger. The best way to do this is to set up towers and windows around their base that allow them to attack their enemies. Towers can be built around their perimeter with stairs leading up in order to allow the player to have a vantage point over their enemies. Players can also construct windows inside their base in order to allow them to attack from the ground level, which is especially important as a last line of defense.

Wolves – If all else fails, one of the best defenses that the player can invest in taming a few Wolves as pets. This can be pretty difficult and dangerous, but these creatures are some of the strongest and most ferocious animals in the game. The player needs to tame these beasts using some raw meat before returning them to their home base. The wolves are then perfect to keep around the player’s fortress as a last line of defense against the incoming hordes.

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