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*March 13th, 2023: Updated for the Xbox Launch to include more relevant information as well as links to related guides.

Eitr is refined from the sap of the Ancient Roots found in the newest Valheim biome, The Mistlands. After players have built a boat and started exploring the ocean, they will notice that the islands are arranged in a fragmented archipelago. Map generation is random but still follows a general set of rules. The spawn location is always in a Meadow biome, the safest biome, at the center island of the circular world map, and all islands are comprised of several small biomes.


Compared to other games, Valheim’s map is like a dartboard and the Meadow is the Bullseye, the biomes become more difficult the further away the rings are from the center. The Mistlands are the most challenging area yet, and players will not find an island with the biome until they are quite a distance from the spawn location.

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How To Find Sap And Refine Eitr

Eitr Refiner Valheim

The hardest part of making Eitr is not dying. Just like venturing into any biome for the first time, there is an incredible difficulty jump that is only exacerbated by not being able to see anything. The Mistlands really are misty, and players will find it challenging to look for Ancient Roots that have the same glowing green texturing as Yggdrasil. A Sap Extractor needs to be placed on a root, and sap can be harvested the same way as honey.

The Galdr Table and Rune Table are the stations needed to make the weapons, but like all crafting tiers in Valheim, there are several new materials, crafting stations, and stages of refinement before any useable product is created. A Sap Extractor must be made to build an Eitr Refiner to produce the Eitr necessary for Valheim weapon crafting tables. Even though refining Eitr uses different buildings, it’s the same idea as refining metal. Sap goes in the refiner, Soft Tissue is used as fuel, and Refined Eitr comes out.


Materials Needed

Sap Extractor

Yggdrasil Wood x10, Black Metal x5, Dvergr Extractor x1,

Eitr Refinery

Black Marble x5, Yggdrasil Wood x10, Black Core x5, Black Metal x20, Sap x3,

Galdr Table

Refined Eitr x5, Black Core x5, Yggdrasil Wood x20, Black Metal x 10

Rune Table

Black Marble x10, Yggdrasil Wood x5, Refined Eitr x10

  • Yggdrasil Wood is gathered with a Black Metal Axe from any of the Yggdrasil shoots, the small trees, in The Mistlands
  • Black Marble can be mined with a Black Metal Pickaxe from Petrified Bones in Dvergr settlements.
  • Black Cores are found in Infested Mines in The Mistlands
  • Sap is harvested from Sap Extractors set on Ancient Roots
  • Dvergr Extractors are found in chests in Dvergr settlements
  • Black Metal is made from Black Metal Scrap found in the Plains biome
  • Soft Tissue is a fuel used for the Eitr Refiner and is mined from Petrified Bones

Where to Find Black Marble and Dvergr Extractors

Eitr Refiner Valheim Petrified Bone and Chest

The Dvergr Extractors and Black Marble are only found in Valheim’s Dvergr Settlements scattered throughout The Mistlands. Dvergr are dwarf-like creatures and will not attack on sight. They are tolerant of players until they are provoked, which is unfortunate because gathering Extractors and Marble will provoke them. Valheim‘s glowing treasure chests containing the Extractors cannot be opened and must be broken because of a Ward placed within the settlement, and Black Marble is mined from Petrified Bones at the center of several larger settlements. Trying to mine or break chests sneakily will not work, so the dwarves should be killed before mining or breaking chests.

Making an outpost or temporary base near the biome is highly recommended because players will spend plenty of time refining in The Mistlands, even when using Portals. Finding a safe spot in the biome is tricky because flat surfaces are few and enemy-free places are even fewer, so a bordering biome might be a better location. A nice, quiet Valheim home will be a relief after being attacked by newly introduced Seekers and covered in Ticks for hours needed to set up Eitr refining equipment.

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