Tulsa King star Martin Starr gives a cautious but exciting update about season 2 of the Sylvester Stallone-led Paramount+ mobster drama.

Tulsa King star Martin Starr gives a cautious but exciting update on the status of season 2. Sylvester Stallone made the big leap to scripted episodic TV with his role as exiled mobster Dwight Manfredi in last year’s Tulsa King, which proved to be a surprise breakout hit for Paramount+. After the wild success of Tulsa King season 1, it was announced last November that Stallone would be returning for season 2 (despite the star previously expressing dismay about the grind of doing series television).

It has not yet been confirmed when Tulsa King season 2 will actually premiere on Paramount+, and one of Stallone’s co-stars has offered an update doesn’t necessarily provide a lot of clarity, but does indicate that things are still moving forward. Speaking to Collider, Bodhi actor Starr said a lot is still being ironed out, while offering a reminder of the impending writer’s strike and the chaos that it could unleash on the world of entertainment:

“We don’t have dates yet. I think they’re working out so many details. We don’t even know where we’re going to do it this year, or, this next season. So I’m excited to find out everything. I don’t think they’ve dug into scripts or anything yet. I could be wrong, but you know, the impending writer’s strike certainly would urge anyone to get moving.”

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Everything We Know About Tulsa King Season 2

tulsa king season 2

Tulsa King season 1 left everything at a huge cliffhanger, as Dwight was turned in to the cops by his conflicted ATF friend Beale. Now it seems that The General, who just got out after spending 25 years in prison, is headed back to the slammer. It seems likely however that some circumstance will arise to bail Stallone’s character out, as it’s doubtful Tulsa King plans to convert to a prison drama in season 2.

When it comes to the list of characters who will be joining Dwight in season 2, it seems confirmed that Bodhi will be back, as Starr said nothing to indicate he is out. Confirmation awaits on other main Tulsa King season 1 characters like the aforementioned Beale (Andrea Savage), Tyson (Jay Will), Mitch (Garrett Hedlund) and Margaret (Dana Delaney). It does seem likely that Domenick Lombardozzi’s Chickie will be returning, as season 1 set him up to become the main thorn in Dwight’s side headed into season 2. Not returning is season 1 showrunner Terence Winter, who has exited the series due to creative differences.

When Tulsa King season 2 will arrive is yet to be revealed. But hopefully, as Starr suggested, the threat of the writer’s strike will lead to quicker action on getting scripts ready, speeding up the process of returning Stallone’s fish-out-of-water mobster to Paramount+.

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