Top Gun: Maverick star Monica Barbaro has shared a large batch of behind-the-scenes videos from the hit film, showing the cast during training and goofing off during their downtime. Released 36 years after Tony Scott’s original film, Top Gun: Maverick continues the story of Tom Cruise’s hotshot pilot as he trains a new batch of recruits. Barbaro plays Phoenix, one of these new recruits, alongside Miles Teller’s Rooster, Glen Powell’s Hangman, Jay Ellis’ Payback, Lewis Pullman’s Bob, and Danny Ramirez’s Fanboy.


Barbaro recently took to Instagram to share behind-the-scenes footage from the Top Gun: Maverick shoot and pre-production, when the cast underwent training.

The videos show more of how Barbaro and the rest of the cast prepared for their roles, but also show how they had fun during their off-hours aboard an aircraft carrier. The videos also make clear that, despite a somewhat contentious dynamic at first on-screen, the new cast members all got along swimmingly behind the scenes.

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Could Maverick’s New Pilots Return In Top Gun 3?

The cast of Top Gun: Maverick prepare to play football.

While Maverick is obviously the central focus in the Top Gun sequel, the new pilots really help to make the film soar. The new pilots come into their own during the film’s exhilarating third act, when they carry out a dangerous mission over enemy territory. Top Gun 3 is not yet guaranteed, but it seems very likely that, if it does move forward, Barbaro, Teller, and the rest of the newcomers will be returning.

The bigger question when it comes to Top Gun 3 is really what Cruise’s role will be. Top Gun: Maverick gives the character a fairly conclusive and satisfying send-off, meaning it’s unclear whether a third film will feature him as the central character once more or if the new pilots will have more prominent roles. If Maverick does return in a prospective third movie, it might be interested to see him in more of a supporting role as Rooster, Phoenix, and the others face new challenges.

That being said, Cruise is very much integral to the Top Gun franchise, and it’s hard to imagine the movie star playing a supporting role. While Teller previously shared a promising response regarding whether a third movie will happen, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has expressed that it’s largely up to Cruise, and the actor may be too busy to return as Maverick anytime soon. While it’s unclear what’s next for the franchise after Top Gun: Maverick, hopefully, Barbaro and the other new cast members will continue to play an important role in whatever stories are yet to come.

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