A Man Called Otto, director Marc Forster’s drama starring Tom Hanks, has just crossed a surprising milestone at the worldwide box office.

Tom Hanks’ latest movie, the drama A Man Called Otto, has surprisingly just crossed a significant milestone at the worldwide box office. Directed by Marc Forster, who is also known for Quantum of Solace and World War Z, A Man Called Otto is an adaption of the 2012 Swedish novel called A Man Called Ove. The movie stars Tom Hanks as a grumpy aging widower who finds a new lease on life after a young family moves in nearby.

According to Variety, A Man Called Otto has now crossed $100 million worldwide at the box office, a surprising achievement given the current theatrical landscape and the movie’s older target audience. The total box office gross comprises $61.2 million from North America and $39.2 million internationally. Hitting this milestone puts A Man Called Otto, budgeted at $50 million, in the company of films like Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick, two adult-oriented movies that performed very well at the box office during the pandemic era.Related: Tom Hanks’ Weird Elvis Performance Is Actually Perfect (Despite Haters)


Why A Man Called Otto Has Been Successful

Tom Hanks holding a cat in A Man Called Otto.

Hanks has been an important fixture of Hollywood for decades now and is a proven box office draw, with a few notable exceptions in recent years. While Hanks alone is undoubtedly a large part of the reason why A Man Called Otto has found success, the way in which the movie uses the actor cannot be discounted. With Hanks having a reputation as one of the nicest people in Hollywood, A Man Called Otto flips this in an interesting way, making the actor a grump and someone who gradually becomes the nice guy that audiences know and love over the course of the film.

Hanks’ performance in Elvis did prove divisive, but that film raked in over $287 million at the box office. It’s possible that Hanks’ role as Colonel Tom parker, while very different from his role as Otto, inspired audiences to seek out A Man Called Otto upon its release. Like Top Gun: Maverick, A Man Called Otto is also a very earnest film, unafraid to lean into corny, feel-good moments, something that some audiences do seem to be craving after several years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Word of mouth has undoubtedly also been a major help for A Man Called Otto, with the comedy-drama currently holding an impressive 97% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. While last year’s Pinocchio proved that Hanks’ movies certainly don’t always click with audiences, his team-up with Forster for A Man Called Otto would suggest that the actor can still be a major draw when appearing in a film that makes use of his nice-guy persona in a charming, easy-to-watch way.

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