Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 382The unique elements of Himiko Toga‘s Transform Quirk helped it stand out from many of My Hero Academia’s other quirks, but now a new development that embellishes her power highlights just how much those other abilities could have benefited from similar complications.

In chapter 382 of My Hero Academia by Kohei Horikoshi, Toga struggles with the fact that she can’t use Toya or Tomura Shigaraki’s quirks or physically transform herself into Twice even though she has ingested their blood and loves them. Even the heroes who understand how Toga’s quirk functions in My Hero Academia wonder why she never transformed into Toya or Shigaraki and conclude that she must not love them, a conclusion that Toga has unfortunately reached herself.


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My Hero Academia’s Transform Quirk is its Most Complex

Himiko Toga assks why she can't become Jin in My Hero Academia chapter 382

Initially, Toga’s ability felt as bland as My Hero Academia’s other quirks. It was understood that she could only transform into someone once she ingested their blood. But then, in addition to My Hero Academia intertwining Toga’s personality into her quirk, the series introduced a new condition that complicated her power; Toga can also adopt the quirk of the person whose blood she ingests if she loves them. By bringing a dynamic emotion into the equation, her power took on a life of its own. But because Toga wasn’t aware of her quirk’s true potential, she’s learning as she goes, and, of course, these revelations are coming at the worst possible moment – during the series’ final battle and when one of the subjects in her experiment is no longer alive.

Toga first used Transform in this new capacity against Uraraka and suffered a crushing blow as a result since the object of her desires rejected her love. But now she’s dealing with another form of rejection. Her heart rejects those whom Toga believes she loves. It’s bad enough that her quirk is manifesting in a way that suggests she doesn’t love two of her comrades. But the fact that she isn’t transforming into a deceased friend (Twice) whose death she had to experience through his copy understandably adds a whole other level of guilt and, possibly, self-hate to what is My Hero Academia‘s already saddest death.

Interestingly, Toga’s failure with Twice’s blood is associated with the first “level” of her quirk, which originally wasn’t contingent on having an emotionally based condition met. This not only complicates the simpler aspect of her quirk that allowed her to physically transform into a person by only having to ingest their blood, but now introduces a new possibility: what other condition has her earlier victims met that she hasn’t been able to meet with Twice’s blood? Moreover, readers are now inclined to question if love really is what’s required for Toga to steal someone’s quirk and if her bond is stronger with Uraraka for a different reason.

Every Other Quirk Should Be Like Toga’s Transform

All of these questions are nonexistent with just about every other quirk in My Hero Academia because the vast majority of them aren’t associated with the more intriguing dynamics of the human condition like love in Himiko Toga‘s case. They’re just powers for the sake of being powers, nothing more. While this is fine, they could be so much more and, in turn, make them and the battles in which they’re used more compelling while jettisoning My Hero Academia even further into the stratosphere where the best anime reside. At least fans have quirk echoes and vestiges to enjoy.

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