The Monday Wordle is available to be solved. Here are today’s hints and fully spoiled answer for the August 21st Wordle.

The newest Wordle word is available for fans of the game to solve and today’s answer shouldn’t cause too much trouble for most players. A common word, with normal spelling, and no repeated letter tricks makes the August 21st answer a nice and easy one to solve.

For those who prefer more of a challenge when solving a Wordle puzzle, there is always the Hard Mode available to players before starting any daily game. This mode is activated through the options menu and forces players to use the previous hints from each guess. Locking in letters is a great way to lower the amount of guesses a player can do since the game won’t allow for random words that may unlock more hints, but are obviously incorrect.

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Today’s Wordle Hints (August 21st #793)

Wordle August 21 Hints

Before fully spoiling today’s Wordle answer here are a few hints to help out those who might be stuck.

Hint 1

There are no repeating letters.

Hint 2

The answer is used as a noun or a verb.

Hint 3

The vowels are in the 2nd and 3rd positions.

Hint 4

A strip of sandy land, near water.

Today’s Wordle Answer (August 21st #793)

Wordle August 21 Answer

The August 21st Wordle answer is BEACH.

For our starting Wordle word today we used IRATE which provided both vowels quite quickly, one in the correct position and one not. Moving forward we wanted to shuffle the ‘E’ around so we tried LEADS which locked in the other vowel location and provided a few more incorrect letters.

‘EA’ in the 2nd and 3rd position is a great lead to have so for our third guess we tried WEARY, which was wrong due to the repeated ‘R’ from our first guess. The fifth guess was PEACH which locked in some letters and led us right to the correct answer, and a Wordle win-in-five, with BEACH.

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    Wordle is a web-based word-guessing game developed by Josh Wardle that took the world by storm in 2021. Players are given a five-letter word to guess and have six attempts to get the word correct. When they get a letter correct, it will mark itself as green if it’s in the correct position and yellow if it is the correct letter in the wrong position. A yellow letter also means that letter could appear more than once. Wordle was purchased by The New York Times Company in 2022 and added to their website and app, keeping the core game free to play as promised – with additional words and other bonuses available through subscription, and is available via browser, iOS, and Android.

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