Screen Rant is thrilled to present a new clip from the dystopian Apple TV+ series Silo. The drama centers on the last 10,000 people on Earth who reside in an underground civilization called the silo. Silo features a star-studded cast, including Dune‘s Rebecca Ferguson, Selma‘s David Oyelowo, Parks and Recreation‘s Rashida Jones, Mystic River‘s Tim Robbins, and Terminator Salvation‘s Common.


Silo centers on life within the titular structure and the political drama within. Although its residents are constantly warned of the deadliness of the outside world, many inhabitants are still determined to discover the truth about what lies beyond the silo, and the ulterior motives of those keeping them from it. Juliette (Ferguson) is an engineer who’s had a past conflict with Bernard (Robbins), an I.T. technician, who accused her of stealing heat tape. Much to his chagrin, Juliette is nominated for the position of sheriff, which he initially refuses to support.

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More About Silo

Tim Robbins in Silo 105

Screen Rant‘s clip centers around a tense conversation between Bernard and Juliette that begins with her laughter, to which the technician coldly responds to by asking her what she finds so humorous about the situation. Juliette responds that she finds it funny he’s the one to swear her in as sheriff, considering his past accusations of her stealing heat tape. Despite their history, Bernard suggests that – considering the position they’re in – they should “let bygones be bygones,” which Juliette agrees with.

Bernard has proven to be an antagonist in the past for Juliette, so it will be interesting to see where this new rocky alliance takes the two silo-dwellers. The stark contrast between Robbins’ portrayal in Silo versus Shawshank Redemption role as Andy Dufresne really showcases the actor’s range, proving adept at playing a character it’s hard to trust. Viewers will be able to see what’s next for Juliette and Bernard when the next episode of Silo airs later this week.

The fourth episode of Silo will premiere May 19 on Apple TV+.

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