Exclusive: See a clip from adventure thriller Operation Napoleon, a story about the rediscovery of—and race to—a downed WWII German aircraft.


  • Operation Napoleon is a thrilling story based on a 1999 Icelandic novel about a crashed Nazi plane and the race to retrieve its contents.
  • The film features a diverse cast and explores the dangerous pursuit of the aircraft by criminals and the CIA.
  • The story revolves around an Icelandic lawyer who becomes embroiled in an international conspiracy after receiving footage revealing the plane’s location, with hints that Adolf Hitler’s body may be inside.

Operation Napoleon digs into the past to tell a thrilling tale set in the present. Based on a book written by Arnaldur Indridason and published in Icelandic in 1999, Operation Napoleon is the story of a crashed Nazi plane and a dangerous race to retrieve its contents. Operation Napoleon boasts a cast that includes Vivian Ólafsdóttir, Jack Fox, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, and Iain Glen, was written by Arnaldur Indriðason and Marteinn Thorisson, and directed by Óskar Thór Axelsson.

Of course, the film’s protagonists are not the only ones in search of the downed plane in Operation Napoleon. Hardened criminals and the Central Intelligence Agency alike are in pursuit of the aircraft and its contents, making things even more difficult for the film’s Icelandic protagonists. Screen Rant is excited to premiere a clip from the film that teases the kind of tense, danger-fraught moments Operation Napoleon has to offer. Check it out below:

More About Operation Napoleon

Operation Napoleon

The official synopsis of Operation Napoleon is that Kristin, an Icelandic lawyer, is embroiled in an international conspiracy once she receives footage revealing the location of the downed German plane. Ruthless criminals are attracted to the scene, as is CIA director William Carr who has long sought the artifact. What’s inside the plane is a mystery, though the trailer for Operation: Napoleon hints that the body of Adolf Hitler himself may be frozen inside the vessel.

The novel Operation Napoleon was one of the first written by Arnaldur Indridason and helped launch the prolific Icelandic author’s career. Similar in some ways to the story’s downed German plane, the concept of an English translation was somewhat on ice; over a decade passed between the book’s 1999 release and an English translation became available in 2011. The film’s arrival in 2023 points to the enduring nature of Indridason’s story. For those who have not experienced Operation: Napoleon in novel form, the film is a perfect way to experience the tale.

Operation Napoleon is now available for streaming on digital platforms.

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