Dark Castle is reportedly developing a television series based on the film Thirteen Ghosts.

In a Dread Central exclusive, Patrick Mediate of Primordial Pictures and SFX supervisor for Fear the Walking Dead Aaron McLane announced a partnership with Dark Castle to pitch the series for Sony Pictures Television

It’s been 22 years since the remake of William Castle‘s horror gem 13 Ghosts and fans of the 2001 version have long championed the idea of having a television series that focused on each ghost’s backstory. That so happens to be the pitch being made here.

Thirteen Ghosts TV Show Pitch

The idea is thirteen episodes with an anthology style that delves into a different ghost each time. The potential series creators explain exactly how it should pan out.

“Every culture in the world has its ghost stories, and this re-imagining of 13 Ghosts presents an international sampling of these supernatural tales. The ghost stories within each episode will have their own stylistic look and feel that will be explored and influenced by each individual director. This makes our ghost vignettes stand out stylistically as they set the theme for each episode.”

It sounds like an interesting way to frame things, but of course, it needs to be approved before it can become a reality. I hope so, because it might pave the way for a Ghost Ship reboot one day.

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