Fast X director Louis Leterrier explains why he almost didn’t sign on to direct the movie, citing fears about destroying the entire franchise. After 2021’s F9, Fast X is expected to serve as the first part of a concluding chapter for the long-running Fast & Furious saga. The upcoming film was initially going to be directed by franchise veteran Justin Lin, but Leterrier stepped in after Lin’s surprise departure from the project earlier last year.


Ahead of the Fast X release date this month, Leterrier reveals in a new interview with Collider that he originally wasn’t sure about taking on directing duties. Despite previously revealing that he’s been a longtime fan of the franchise, Leterrier was hesitant to join Fast X over fears of what it would mean if he failed to deliver a good film. Check out Leterrier’s full comment below:

“People are like, ‘But it’s fine because, at the end of the day, you tried your best.’ I was like, ‘No.’ Because if you fail, your name is attached, you’re the guy who killed the Fast & Furious franchise, you know? There’s no poster that says, ‘Well, we didn’t have the budget so the movie is not as good. The schedule was bad, the weather was horrible.’ No one cares. They judge you.

“So that was the thing, and that really is why, Steve, I said no in the beginning. At first I said, ‘Yes, of course!’ And then after, I was like – as much as I loved the script that I had read, and meeting these people – I was like, terrified. So I was about to say no, and my wife was like, ‘No, you’re doing it, you’re doing it!’”

Fast X’s Early Director Troubles Explained

Tej, Ramsey, and Roman in Fast X

Leterrier has now been confirmed as the director of Fast & Furious 11 as well as Fast X, but he originally wasn’t supposed to join the franchise at all. Last spring, when Fast X was only days into production, it was announced that Lin was leaving the movie. Lin had directed a number of other installments in the franchise, including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, and F9.

Following the initial announcement of Lin’s exit, details began to emerge regarding the circumstances of his departure. Reports alleged that Lin’s primary reason for leaving the project was due to significant creative differences with star and producer Vin Diesel. A representative from Universal Pictures subsequently denied these claims, saying that any creative differences that may have existed were solely with the studio.

The production continued without a director for several days before Leterrier eventually signed on. After shooting had wrapped, the director shared detail about his chaotic entrance into the project, which included major last-minute script rewrites. It remains to be seen how audiences will receive the film, but early Fast X reactions have been generally positive, suggesting Leterrier’s worst fears about killing the franchise won’t be coming true.

Source: Collider

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