• Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren team up to find and stop Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return, with various relationships taking center stage.
  • Thrawn’s destruction of their rebel base and plan to obliterate Lothal make the mission personal for the returning Star Wars Rebels characters.
  • Despite never meeting Thrawn, Ahsoka’s worry may stem from her bond with Anakin Skywalker and a possible warning about Thrawn’s abilities from her old master.

Ahsoka Tano will embark on a journey to find and stop Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return in Ahsoka, but there’s a big problem with the plot. When the former Jedi sets off on her adventure, she’ll be accompanied by the Mandalorian Sabine Wren, an old enemy of Thrawn’s and surprisingly Ahsoka’s former apprentice. The series promises to take a close look at a number of relationships, with Ahsoka and Sabine’s at the forefront, as well Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. Everyone is in pursuit of Thrawn for various reasons, connected to the Grand Admiral in different ways.

For the returning Star Wars Rebels characters, the mission to stop Thrawn is particularly personal. In addition to his relentless pursuit and ultimate destruction of their first rebel base, Thrawn was prepared to obliterate Lothal at the Emperor’s command. Jedi Ezra Bridger thwarted Palpatine’s schemes and rid Lothal of Thrawn’s fleet, going missing with the Grand Admiral in the Unknown Regions of space. Sabine and Hera Syndulla have every reason to join the hunt, as finding Thrawn means they’ll be reunited with their lost friend. But why is stopping Thrawn personal to Ahsoka?

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Ahsoka Was Lost Before Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Appearance

Ahsoka and Vader in Rebels Shroud of Darkness

Ahsoka never actually experienced Thrawn’s pursuit of Phoenix Squadron, as she was lost on Malachor before he entered the fray. Rebels could nearly be split into two stories, with the first half of the show documenting Ezra and Kanan Jarrus’ growth alongside the rebels. Ahsoka and Darth Vader join the story in the season 1 finale, with all of season 2 building up to their intense confrontation on Malachor. The former Jedi’s fate remained ambiguous until Rebels season 4, when Ezra pulled her out of her duel to safety in the World Between Worlds.

She wasn’t able to participate in the Liberation of Lothal, however, as she returned to Malachor through the portal she was pulled from. Ahsoka promised Ezra she would seek him out after finding a way off the Sith planet, but when that happened remains to be seen. Ezra and Thrawn were gone before Ahsoka could return, prohibiting her from participating in the final showdown with the Grand Admiral. Her desire to bring Ezra home is in line with the promise she made, but missing Thrawn’s involvement in the conflict between the Empire and Rebellion raises questions about Ahsoka.

Ahsoka And Thrawn Have Never Met – So Why Is She So Worried?

Ahsoka and Thrawn

Ahsoka Tano and Grand Admiral Thrawn have never actually met. The marketing for Ahsoka focuses on the titular character’s desire to stop Thrawn’s return, as she refers to him as the “heir to the Empire.” Stopping Thrawn seems to be more of a priority for Ahsoka than finding Ezra – which is likely to be Sabine’s motivation. During the New Republic Era, Ahsoka is a wanderer, tracking down Thrawn based on whispers around the galaxy. It’s conceivable that she would be aware of Thrawn’s military prowess based on stories from her friends, but fearing his return is odd given their lack of personal history.

A possible explanation could come from Ahsoka’s bond with her old master. Anakin Skywalker and Thrawn have a surprising connection, having met during the Clone Wars presumably after Ahsoka left the Jedi Order. Where Ahsoka stands with Anakin at the beginning of the show remains to be seen, but a Force ghost visit from Skywalker may include a warning about Thrawn’s abilities. It’s something many expected Anakin would do for Luke regarding Palpatine’s survival on Exegol, and being the one to warn his pupil is the perfect way to kickstart the events of Ahsoka.

Episodes 1 and 2 of Ahsoka premiere on Wednesday, August 23 on Disney+.

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