The X-Men’s costumes are classic and recognizable, but new fanart dares to reimagine the mutant heroes with swapped outfits – and some look great!

There are a lot of iconic looks in comic books, but perhaps none are as well known or appreciated as the costumes of Marvel’s X-Men. Now, in a new work of fanart, fans get to see a world in which those memorable fashion choices went to different characters – and while the results aren’t what Marvel readers are used to, in some cases they surprisingly work just as well.

From their blue and yellow “first class” uniforms to their “height of fashion” Hellfire Gala looks, Marvel’s mutants never fail to impress. However, their most memorable looks are probably those from the 90s, due in part to their association with the X-Men: The Animated Series TV show. Created under the guidance of artist Jim Lee and writer Chris Claremont, these looks were created for the 1991 rebooted comic, X-Men #1, and were adapted almost wholesale for the cartoon. From there they were launched into becoming some of the most easily recognizable and iconic costumes of any superheroes in the business.


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X-Men’s Nightcrawler & Rogue Switch Outfits

However, in a new spin on the costumes by artist Chris Ouellette, the classic looks of these mutant heroes are swapped. Each image takes two fan-favorite X-Men and reimagines them in each other’s costumes. The art features Rogue and Nightcrawler, Colossus and Jean Grey, and Wolverine and Psylocke. In the first image, fans are given a look at the blue-skinned Nightcrawler outfitted in Rogue’s classic gold and green bodysuit, brown leather jacket, and even her green headband. Meanwhile, she effortlessly pulls off Nightcrawler’s black and red suit, complete with winged shoulder pads. Both characters look surprisingly at home in each other’s outfits, and the swashbuckling Nightcrawler is even able to harness a Tomb Raider-style vibe.

Colossus Makes Jean Grey’s Costume His Own

The two costumes that seem to swap almost perfectly are those of Jean Grey and Colossus. The red-headed telepath suits the red and gold outfit of the Russian X-Man, which hearkens to her god-powered Phoenix form both in its color scheme and its ‘wings.’ Meanwhile, Piotr is so well-suited to Jean’s blue and gold, armored outfit that it almost feels like an official alternate costume. Even Jean’s blue and purple head accessory somehow fits the armored mutant.

Wolverine Gets a Ninja Makeover in Psylocke’s Costume

Wolverine doesn’t look quite so comfortable in Psylocke’s revealing costume, though the top half of the ninja-outfit suits him fine, with even the red sash speaking to the blood he frequently spills. However, Psylocke is all but perfect in Wolverine’s costume, as the manifestations of her telekinesis – psychic knives and a ‘butterfly’ mask – merge perfectly with the outfit. Wolverine and Psylocke are perhaps the closest of these mutant pairings, and are often called on as the killers who can get a job done when no-one else can (or will.)

The costumes of the X-Men are both easily recognizable and amazingly creative. With these new pieces of art, fans finally get the opportunity to see what their favorite X-Men would look like if maybe the team one day found itself with a serious wardrobe malfunction.

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