Spoilers ahead for The Winchesters season 1, episode 13.

As The Winchesters season 1 comes to a close, the series reveals answers to some major questions which, in turn, opens up many possibilities for Supernatural characters to feature in The Winchesters season 2. The Winchesters is a spinoff series of the CW hit Supernatural that follows John and Mary many decades before they have their sons, Sam and Dean. So far, the series has expanded on the Supernatural universe, but many of its aspects, including using Dean as a narrator, have raised questions. The Winchesters season 1’s finale finally makes sense of the timeline.


Although Dean Winchester died at the end of the Supernatural series finale, he miraculously returned as the narrator of The Winchesters. The Winchesters season 1’s finale revealed that, although Dean is dead, he is determined to find a universe in which he and his family can be happy. Therefore, he appears in The Winchesters‘ universe and gives John the letter which sends him to Lawrence, Kansas to meet Mary and begin the events of the spinoff. This scene ultimately shows that The Winchesters does not take place in the same universe as Supernatural, leaving all forthcoming events up to interpretation.

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The Winchesters Can Have Supernatural Actors Play Different Versions

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester in The Winchesters finale

By setting The Winchesters in a universe different from Supernatural, the spinoff can now reintroduce even more Supernatural characters from beyond the grave, or from this new The Winchesters universe outside of Supernatural. In the same way that The Winchesters brought Dean back, the spinoff can do the same for other popular Supernatural characters. Bobby Singer also made a cameo in The Winchesters season finale, which shows the potential for cameos that season 2 now has.

The Winchesters can reincarnate past Supernatural characters, but can also make these characters new, as they exist in a totally separate universe. If a character appeared a certain way in Supernatural, the new universe can make them entirely different. This would be especially interesting if the same actors returned to reprise their roles, but had to act in an opposite manner than they did before. Including Dean from beyond the grave opens up an incredible opportunity for Supernatural characters to assert themselves in The Winchesters, and creates a distinct spinoff timeline with faces that are familiar but still new.

The Winchesters Can Give Fallen Supernatural Characters Happier Endings

Another move The Winchesters can make with its multiverse gimmick is giving Supernatural characters happier or better endings. Throughout the original series, countless characters were introduced and went on to have heartbreaking endings that almost always ended in death. In The CW’s The Winchesters universe, these characters could reappear and, as per Dean’s wishes, enjoy much better, longer lives. More than that, the characters can be involved in new storylines, have their arcs expanded upon, and perhaps learn from fatal mistakes made in other universes.

The Winchesters season 1’s finale introduced just the beginning of a plot device that can expand Supernatural canon and add extra nostalgia to the spinoff series. However, as much good as the multiverse story can do, these potential cameos hinge on The CW renewing The Winchesters at a time when the network is more inclined to cancel TV shows. Hopefully, The Winchesters will receive a second season and have the chance to explore the many alternate paths Supernatural characters may have taken.

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