The White Lotus season 2 almost starred American Horror Story and Jeffrey Dahmer actor Evan Peters as Ethan, who was instead played by Will Sharpe.

The White Lotus season 2 almost starred a major American Horror Story actor, reveals executive producer David Bernad. The second season of HBO’s highly-acclaimed anthology series relocated to Sicily and mostly followed a new cast of bon vivant vacationers during their stay at the titular resort chain, including F. Murray Abraham, Meghann Fahy, Michael Imperiloi, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, and Haley Lu Richardson. However, The White Lotus season 2 cast almost included another major star.


Talking to Deadline, Bernad revealed that The White Lotus season 2 almost starred Evan Peters as Ethan, the role that ultimately went to Will Sharpe. The White Lotus EP said that Peters was cast in the role, “but for whatever reason – scheduling or timing – it didn’t work out.” Read his full comment below:

That part was the last part we cast in the season, and originally it was supposed to be Evan Peters, but for whatever reason – scheduling or timing – it didn’t work out… We were really trying to figure how to cast that part so it didn’t feel like familiar casting.

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Every New Actor Who Could Star In The White Lotus Season 3

The White Lotus season 3 cast on a poster

The revelation that The White Lotus season 2 almost starred Peters is an interesting one, as the casting would have infused the second season with some additional star power. Peters gained wide recognition for playing multiple roles over 10 seasons of the anthology series American Horror Story. He’s also starred in HBO’s Mare of Easttown, for which he won an Emmy Award, and as the titular serial killer in Netflix’s Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, for which he won a Golden Globe Award.

The benefit of The White Lotus‘ anthology format is that a host of new actors join the show with every new season. The fact that Peters was cast as Ethan indicates that both the actor and the HBO show had a mutual interest in one another. With The White Lotus season 3 likely in the process of casting right now, perhaps Peters could come back in a different role, which would be no problem for the chameleon actor.

In a recent interview in which Johnny Knoxville potentially spoiled The White Lotus season 3 location, the Jackass also star revealed he is very good friends with White and is open to joining the show. Veteran actress Bette Midler recently revealed she is a huge fan of the series and also expressed interest in joining the cast. While several intriguing possibilities have arisen, there are currently no confirmed cast members for The White Lotus season 3.

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