Despite its lackluster history with franchise fans, Seth Rogen reveals The Super Mario Bros. Movie will include the infamous Donkey Kong song, “DK Rap”. The animated film marks the second adaptation of the iconic Nintendo platformer, following the eponymous plumber transported to the magical Mushroom Kingdom and tasked with protecting them, and saving his brother, from the power-hungry Bowser. Chris Pratt is leading the ensemble voice cast of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which looks to be chock full of Easter eggs from the source games.


With just under a month remaining until the film’s release, Universal Pictures has released a new Super Mario Bros. Movie ad featuring Seth Rogen reacting to the infamous Donkey Kong song, “DK Rap.”

The video, as seen above, humorously finds the voice behind the film’s version of the barrel-throwing gorilla in awe at the song’s quality, calling it “objectively, one of the worst rap songs of all time.” The promo also sees Rogen reveal that The Super Mario Bros. Movie will in fact include the song, featuring it during the character’s introduction.

Why DK Rap’s Inclusion Is A Good Sign (Despite How Awful It Is)

Donkey Kong looking confused in Super Mario Bros Movie

“DK Rap” was first released with 1999’s Donkey Kong 64, acting as the intro theme to the Nintendo 64 game and co-written by Rare designer George Andreas. Despite their hopes to set a new tone from the character’s previous solo game, Donkey Kong Country, the song ultimately has gone on to land on a number of “so-bad-it’s-good” lists, to which composer Grant Kirkhope has gone on to embrace as an honor.

Though it may have a low spot in many fans’ hearts, The Super Mario Bros. Movie including “DK Rap” is actually a good sign for the animated film. Unlike the critically panned live-action Super Mario Bros. movie, the filmmakers behind the reboot look to truly be pulling from every corner of the source material as possible to honor those who have followed the Nintendo franchise throughout its 40-plus year life cycle. Previous trailers have gone to show many of the Easter eggs and direct pulls from the games, including Rainbow Road, Peach’s Castle, and the Tanooki Suit, among others.

Related: 7 Classic Game Levels Confirmed For The Super Mario Bros. MovieThe other key reason for “DK Rap” to be included in The Super Mario Bros. Movie is to help introduce the rest of Donkey Kong’s family from the game. Previous trailers have shown Cranky Kong will be featured in the film and voiced by Fred Armisen, opening the door for further Kongs to appear, especially if to set up the rumored Donkey Kong spinoff project.

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