WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Recruit season 1.

The Recruit premiered on Netflix featuring Noah Centineo as a lawyer turned secret agent, and Owen’s story begs for The Recruit to have a season 2, and here are some The Recruit season 2 updates. Though The Recruit can be compared to Jack Ryan and Reacher, the Netflix action series sets itself apart from other similar works by combining comedy and romance into a spy thriller adventure. Similar to other Netflix shows, The Recruit works as a self-contained story but ends on a massive cliffhanger that teases The Recruit season 2.


Although most of The Recruit’s storylines are resolved in season 1, it is difficult not to anticipate The Recruit season 2 considering how the finale played out. Noah Centineo’s character still has powerful enemies, including someone who viewers never thought could be behind the events of The Recruit season 1. Not only that, but Max’s future is also open. Here’s everything that’s known about Netflix’s The Recruit season 2 updates.

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The Latest The Recruit Season 2 News

Vondie Curtis-Hall as Walter Nyland in Netflix's The Recruit

The latest The Recruit season 2 updates have confirmed that the series has, in fact, been renewed for a second season. The revelation that The Recruit season 2 is confirmed came on January 26th, 2023, when showrunner and executive producer Alexi Hawley spoke with Netflix Tudum about the renewal and where the show was going. Hawley had this to say “I’m thrilled to dive back into the fun, funny, action-packed world of The Recruit. Seeing how invested our audience became in the show’s adventurous take on the spy world and Noah’s turn as Owen has been incredibly rewarding, and I can’t wait to turn it all up to ’11’ in Season Two.”

The Recruit Season 2 Is Confirmed

Fivel Stewart as Hannah Copeland in Netflix's The Recruit

After waiting for what felt like forever, the newest The Recruit season 2 updates reveal that the next installment has been confirmed by Netflix. Showrunner Alexi Hawley made the announcement over Netflix Tudum back in January 2023. So far, a release date and production schedule for the series’ upcoming chapter hasn’t been revealed. Hopefully, The Recruit production team begins filming relatively soon, as The Recruit season 1 had a nine-month turnaround time, and audiences generally aren’t happy if there is longer than a one-year wait in between seasons.

The Recruit Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Vondie Curtis-Hall as Nyland and Noah Centineo as Owen in Netflix's The Recruit

Considering that the latest The Recruit season 2 updates see the series only recently renewed by Netflix, a potential The Recruit season 2 will take a while. As a comparison, Netflix acquired the rights to the project that would become The Recruit on April 28, 2021. Filming for The Recruit season 1 reportedly began on October 25, 2021, and wrapped on March 28, 2022. The Recruit season 1 premiered on Netflix on December 15, 2022, meaning that it took nine months for the project to be completed. In a similar scenario, The Recruit season 2’s release date could be around December 2023, if filming were to start in April 2023.

Which Characters Can Return In The Recruit Season 2?

Noah Centineo and Laura Haddock in The Recruit in front of a window

While The Recruit season 2 updates have been scant, most of The Recruit’s cast is expected to return for The Recruit season 2. That includes main character Owen (Noah Centineo) as well as Hannah (Fivel Stewart), Nyland (Vondie Curtis-Hall), Violet (Aarti Mann), Lester (Colton Dunn), Terence (Daniel Quincy Annoh), and Janus (Kristian Brunn). The biggest question regarding The Recruit season 2 cast is whether Max Meladze (Laura Haddock) will return. Max was shot by her daughter in The Recruit’s finale, yet The Recruit doesn’t make clear whether Max is truly dead. Even if Max died in The Recruit, Laura Haddock could still return for flashbacks in The Recruit season 2.

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The Recruit Season 2’s Story

Noah Centineo and Laura Haddock in The Recruit

There have been no The Recruit season 2 updates regarding the story, but The Recruit season 1 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Owen has been kidnapped in the finale of Netflix’s binge-worthy series right as he was about to meet with Hannah. Max was kidnapped, followed by the shocking reveal that Marta, the spy also known as Nichka, was Max’s daughter Karolina. Therefore, The Recruit season 2 will most likely cover what happened to Max’s daughter, why Max believed she was dead, and why Karolina became a spy and shot her own mother right after kidnapping Owen. Those are tricky questions that only The Recruit season 2 can answer.

The Recruit Season 2 Trailer

Noah Centineo in The Recruit season 1

Unfortunately, the latest The Recruit season 2 updates don’t include a teaser or trailer. The Recruit season 2 has only just been confirmed, and it’s unclear when the second installment will begin the filming process. Considering that Netflix’sThe Recruit season 2 won’t premiere on Netflix until late 2023 or early 2024, a trailer, behind-the-scenes photos, or teasers, won’t come out until fall or winter of 2023. Until then, check back for the latest The Recruit season 2 updates.

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