90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’s Debbie has just been introduced to fans, however, they are already complimenting her personality and looks.

Newcomer Debbie was finally introduced to viewers on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4, and the 67 year old has received mainly positive reactions from 90 Day Fiancé fans. Debbie revealed during her introduction that she planned to move to Morocco to marry 24-year-old Oussama, whom she met on social media. Debbie traveled to Morocco to meet Oussama in person after talking online for six months, and the two hit it off, despite Debbie’s initial concerns about their age difference. After three years of being together, Debbie made the big decision to leave her home in Georgia to start a new life with Oussama in Morocco.

While viewers have only just met 90 Day Fiancé’s Debbie and Oussama, they already have many positive things to say about her. Reddit user themyao began a thread on Debbie, and wrote “Sweet Jesus this woman is absolute solid television gold. I was riveted her entire segment. The wacky prance through the antiques store? More please.”

Other fans in the comments were quick to agree, and emphasized that they already loved Debbie’s fun and quirky personality. Another Reddit user commented, “I think she is the gem this season,” with others adding that they appreciated that Debbie was all about good vibes and energy.

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Debbie on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4

90 Day Fiancé fans adored Debbie’s unique personality, but commenters also complimented her on maintaining such a youthful look by taking good care of herself. Reddit user laubster_2023 began another thread on The Other Way season 4 star, and noted that they were curious to learn more about her skincare routine, as her skin looked so young and healthy. One Reddit user agreed and commented, “She does have amazing clear skin, and nice thick hair for her age.” Commenters already like Debbie both inside and out, as they find her to be a genuine person while also looking amazing for her age.

While some fans may be skeptical of the relationship between Debbie and Oussama, the couple seems to have a surprisingly good connection, based on Debbie’s narrative of their romantic history. Oussama reached out to Debbie first on social media, and the two bonded over their love of art. Debbie also revealed that Oussama is the one who initially fought for the relationship at first, as she was hesitant. While viewers can sometimes associate couples like Debbie and Oussama with someone being scammed, it appears so far that Oussama is not looking to use Debbie for anything at all. Debbie has not sent Oussama any money, and they have already been together for a decent amount of time.

While 90 Day Fiancé fans in the Reddit thread may have praised Debbie, they do not love the majority of her fellow 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 cast members. Daniele Gates has been particularly criticized by fans, and she’s been accused of being immature and inconsiderate toward her husband Yohan Geronimo. Furthermore, Nicole Sherbiny has also gotten criticism, and has been called incredibly naive for not understanding the cultural differences between Egypt and the United States. Nonetheless, clearly some viewers are already finding themselves rooting for Debbie, and hope that her story with Oussama will end in success.

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