The Family Chantel has focused on four seasons of relationships between the Everett and Jimeno families, and there have been various levels of success among the featured personalities. While Everett family patriarch Thomas Everett keeps things quiet when it comes to his job and career success, the other members of both families have made their triumphs and aspirations clear both on the show and online. The Family Chantel stars have achieved great success over the years.

After 90 Day Fiancé season 4, The Family Chantel aired as a spin-off that focused on the marriage between former couple Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. Chantel’s parents Thomas and Karen Everett and her younger siblings Riverknight Everett and Winter Everett have been featured in many plot lines in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Pedro’s mother Lidia Morel and sister Nicole Jimeno have also appeared in numerous storylines in the Dominican Republic. When it comes to success among The Family Chantel cast, there are various factors that can be measured. Some stars have been lucky in love, popular among fans, supported by family, excelling in careers, or headed towards bright futures.

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7 Nicole Jimeno

Nicole Jimeno from The Family Chantel

Nicole is one of the least successful The Family Chantel cast members, as the younger sister of Pedro is failing to live out her dreams. On The Family Chantel season 4, Nicole revealed that she works in a public office, though she said that she can’t stand having a job, and would love to do nothing at all. When it comes to her love life, she was last linked to married man named Alejandro Padron, though they had a bitter split. Nicole tried to pursue her dream of being in pageants, though her coach told her that she didn’t have raw talent, and she barely made the top ten before being eliminated. Meanwhile, she is largely regarded as a massive villain on The Family Chantel, who is known for being mean-spirited and spiteful.

6 Lidia Morel

Lidia Jimeno The Family Chantel

Like her children, Lidia is not living her ideal life. The Family Chantel villain has been blasted for being a terrible mother to Pedro and Nicole, as she is often cruel. In the past, Lidia had issues with both her kids. She is also a single mother, and had an affair with a married man after conceiving both of her children. Lidia made it clear that she was proud of her infidelity, and didn’t expect her son Pedro to be any different. She did have a seemingly successful past as divorce attorney. However, Lidia is not currently living the life she wanted, and is hoping to live in the U.S. with Pedro. Meanwhile, she remains focused on material things and comes across as very bitter. The Family Chantel star doesn’t seem to be a happy or fulfilled person.

5 Pedro Jimeno

Similar to his mother and sister, The Family Chantel star Pedro is unlucky in love. He recently divorced his wife Chantel and moved out of their home into an apartment. Pedro’s rude attitude towards Chantel during the end of their marriage, combined with cheating rumors, caused many viewers to turn on him. However, Pedro is finally working on a career that makes him happy. The Dominican Republic native traded in long days at a warehouse to become a real estate agent. Pedro has been called out by skeptical fans and alleged clients who question his professionalism. Despite this, he has maintained his job and proudly boasts about it online to his Instagram followers. He also is living in the U.S., which was his goal, and no longer needs his ex-wife Chantel to sponsor his citizenship.

4 Riverknight Everett

Riverknight is another The Family Chantel cast member who loves his job. Meanwhile, he has the support of many The Family Chantel viewers due to his laid back and supportive personality. Riverknight is very close to his family members, and has his own home near his parents and sisters. He is currently pursuing his music career, as he has aspirations of being a rapper. Though Riverknight’s dream of making it big in rap may have failed compared to other famous singers, he has made some big moves in the last year. In addition to releasing new music, Riverknight released his first music video in September and went on his first tour. Success appears to be on the horizon for Riverknight, who is giving music his all.

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3 Winter Everett

Winter Everett The Family Chantel

Winter is another Everett family member who is beloved on The Family Chantel. Chantel’s younger sister is popular on Instagram, where she has 275K followers. Winter is a fan-favorite cast member, due to her upbeat and optimistic personality. The Atlanta native is guided by her faith, while she also has her family for support and plenty of romantic options to consider. Winter has tried her hand as an influencer and model, after turning to bariatric surgery for successful weight loss. However, she also works as an ophthalmic tech. Winter shares a home with her older sister Chantel, and both women have adorable dogs.

2 Karen Everett

Karen Everett The Family Chantel

Chantel’s mother Karen is the head of the Everett family, and a bit more open than her husband Thomas. Karen and Thomas have the most successful marriage on The Family Chantel, as they have been together for decades, and welcomed four children into the world. She had a massive redemption story, as she went from monster mother-in-law to hilarious and beloved mama bear. Karen had her own Facebook Watch show, and lists herself as a published author, public speaker, and business owner in her Instagram bio. She lives near three of her four kids, and has since made up with her eldest son Royal Wylie after they faced some issues. Karen is now a grandmother to Royal’s son and comes from a wealthy family. The Family Chantel star has been successful in business, family, wealth, love, and fame.

1 Chantel Everett

Chantel is considered to be the most successful The Family Chantel star for many reasons. The Atlanta beauty is now single, though she took the time to heal from her heartbreak. Chantel won the support of many viewers, and now has nearly a million Instagram followers. Now that she is single, her looks have captured the attention of many men. She even allegedly had the famous rapper Drake interested in her. Chantel showed real maturity throughout her reality TV run, as she grew up and became a loving and mature partner who was ready to have kids. Chantel also graduated from nursing school, and now works as a registered nurse. The Family Chantel beauty is also in-demand to return to TLC for new content after her split from Pedro.

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