90 Day Fiancé has some of reality TV’s most likable liars. Some have had to fight hard to win viewers over to their side, and they succeeded.

It may seem strange that a liar can be likable, but there are some stars in the 90 Day Fiancé universe that fans cannot help but root for despite their strained relationship with honesty. Keeping secrets is a common occurrence in the franchise. So is making up stories to get out of trouble, cheating, lying by omission, and sometimes, catfishing. None of these forms of deceit tend to result in warm and fuzzy feelings from the audience. However, some cast members are so enjoyable to watch or exude such an inexplicable measure of charm that their transgressions are often forgotten about.

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has never been short on polarizing characters. Usually, the ones that viewers gravitate towards are those that are honest, kind, and seem to be genuinely interested in creating a successful relationship. If the show has taught anything, it’s that very few people are all good or all bad. Sometimes it is those shades of gray that keep things interesting.

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Sumit Singh Has Told Major Lies To Jenny Slatten

Sumit Singh began his relationship with Jenny Slatten as a catfish. When the two met on social media in 2012, Sumit was pretending to be someone completely different. He used a different name, fake photos, and a manufactured history to win over his much older love interest. He eventually came clean, and to his surprise, Jenny forgave him. During Jenny and Sumit’s long-distance courtship, Sumit’s deceit continued. He failed to mention to Jenny that he had gotten married at the instance of his parents. Even though there was a major fallout from the lie, Jenny forgave Sumit again, and they got married in 2021. Today, Jenny and Sumit appear to be happy, and Sumit has gradually won viewers over with his undying love for his wife and sheepish grin.

Michael Ilesanmi’s Lies To Angela Deem

Sometimes a person goes through so much agony in a relationship their lies seem almost justifiable. Such is the case with Michael Ilesanmi, who has lied to his fiancé/wife, Angela Deem, many times to avoid the torture of her wrath. Michael cannot so much as speak to another woman without Angela raining her fury down upon him. So, it is understandable that Michael might lie to Angela about where he has been or who he has been with to avoid the tirade. Even when Michael cheated on Angela and told another woman he loved her in a message, no one really felt sorry for Angela. After all, she may have pushed him into the arms of another woman by treating him so poorly. 90 Day Fiancé viewers continued to side with Michael over Angela during the cheating scandal.

Chantel Has Lied to Her Family & Pedro Multiple Times

Chantel Everett is one of those “love her or hate her” types of cast members. Although she was popular enough in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise for her and her family to get their own spinoff, The Family Chantel, not everyone is a fan. Chantel immediately rubbed viewers the wrong way when she lied to her parents, Karen and Thomas Everett, about why Pedro Jimeno was in the United States in 90 Day Fiancé season 4. She told them he was there on a work visa, then sprung the engagement on them right before the wedding. During The Family Chantel, the nurse lied to her husband and her family and secretly flew to the Dominican Republic to talk to her mother-in-law in a last-ditch effort to save her crumbling marriage. Despite these transgressions, it was hard not to feel sorry for Chantel as Pedro cruelly pulled away from her before finally asking for a divorce. Her heartbreak was relatable and endearing, and even some of her staunchest critics shed a tear or two on her behalf.

Most of the liars on 90 Day Fiancé are contemptible. However, there are a few who have managed to win over the hearts of viewers despite their dishonesty. Sometimes a little charm and a path to redemption can make all the difference.

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