• This new fan poster showcases Vanessa Kirby, Matt Smith, and Joseph Quinn as potential frontrunners for the lead roles in Marvel’s Fantastic Four.
  • Casting for the film has been in progress and while there have been rumors, Marvel Studios has not made any official announcements.
  • For the character of The Thing, Marvel Studios is looking to cast a Jewish actor, with Daveed Diggs and Seth Rogen being rumored choices. Official casting news may be delayed due to industry-wide issues.

The frontrunners to star in Marvel’s Fantastic Four assemble in a stunning fan poster, settling the debate on who should be in the movie. Director Matt Shakman and Kevin Feige have been busy with the film’s casting process for quite a while now. Despite this, Marvel Studios has yet to make any announcement about who will be in the film, but multiple reports have claimed who Marvel Studios are eyeing for Marvel’s Fantastic Four.

Courtesy of AGT Design is a stunning fan-created art that assembles the supposed frontrunners to play the leads in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Check out the image below:

The aforementioned Marvel’s Fantastic Four poster features Vanessa Kirby as Sue Storm/Invisible Woman, Matt Smith as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, and Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm/Human Torch.

Who Should Play The Thing In The MCU’s Fantastic Four?

The-Thing-Fantastic-Four (1)

Over the last several years, several actors have been rumored to be attached to the film. Adam Driver and Margot Robbie were once supposedly in the running to be Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Meanwhile, Paul Mescal and Austin Butler were one part of the pool of actors to play Johnny Storm. Casting Ben Grimm/The Thing has been trickier, however. As evidenced by the fan poster above, the creator opted to not use any rumored actor for the character.

Fox attempted to get a Fantastic Four franchise twice in the past. However, neither Michael Chiklis nor Jamie Bell is Jewish, which is a part of The Thing’s character in Marvel Comics. Marvel Studios is reportedly planning to change that, which means that Shakman and Feige are looking to cast a Jewish actor for the role. Daveed Diggs is the most prominent choice to portray the hero, which fits with the franchise’s approach since he is half-Jewish. Seth Rogen is another actor rumored for the part, and like Diggs, he, too, is Jewish.

Currently, it’s uncertain when Marvel Studios will actually announce the official cast for Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Considering the WGA and SAG-AFTRA dual strike, all work on the upcoming MCU movies is halted anyway. So it’s safe to say that there won’t be any statement about the matter until the industry-wide issue is resolved.

Source: AGT Design/Twitter

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