This article contains spoilers for The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.


  • June’s cancer diagnosis is a major revelation in episode 4 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, shedding light on her health and impacting the storyline.
  • Alice and Oggi’s love story takes a heartbreaking turn when Oggi is deported, leaving Alice devastated and hesitant to pursue a new romantic relationship.
  • June’s shocking deception is unveiled, as she not only reported Oggi for deportation but also pretended to be Alice and ended their relationship, causing Alice to run away and sever ties with her grandmother.

In the latest installment of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, episode 4, much has changed for Alice and her family, and many secrets are suddenly revealed, sending Alice on an entirely new journey. The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is an Australian drama currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and based on a novel of the same name by Holly Ringland. The series follows Alice Hart, a little girl who is sent to live with her estranged grandmother on her flower farm after her parents die in a tragic and mysterious fire.

In episodes 1-3 of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, the foundation of Alice’s childhood is explained. Audiences see the abuse she endures from her father, her desperation, and her mother’s, to be free from their home, and the origins of the fire that ultimately changes Alice’s entire life. From there, the show delves into Alice’s beginnings with her grandmother, June, and the connections Alice unknowingly has with Sally and John. After the first half of the series sets the stage of Alice’s trauma, the show jumps ahead 15 years to a new, equally mysterious part of Alice’s life.

7 June Has Cancer In The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart

Sigourney Weaver in a garden in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

One of the first revelations of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart episode 4 is that June has cancer. The beginning of the episode sees June at Thornfield, 15 years after the events of the first three episodes, except she seems much frailer. One of the women that works at Thornfield says that June has “returned from the dead,” and later, it is revealed that June recently had surgery to remove her uterus. Later, June hints that she may or may not be cancer free, and at that point, it is fully established that, during the 15 years, she has developed uterine cancer and is currently being treated for it.

6 Alice & Oggi Fell In Love In The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart

Oggi The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

In a flashback during The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart episode 4, it is revealed that Alice and Oggi fell in love. During the initial episodes of the series, Alice meets Oggi at the river behind Thornfield when she almost drowns, and he saves her. The two go to school together and become close friends, especially after Oggi protects her from bullies and accepts Alice when she stops talking. The episode 4 flashback depicts Alice and Oggi all grown up, still by the river, however they kiss and talk about eloping and moving to Bulgaria to avoid Oggi being deported.

Unfortunately, Alice and Oggi’s love story is short-lived. In episode 4, Alice recalls a memory of when her and Oggi were supposed to meet by the river to run away together, but Oggi doesn’t come. Later that day, June tells her that Oggi was deported, and the two never speak again. It is a crushing heartbreak for Alice, and clearly still affects her despite the fact that several years have passed. The memory of Oggi makes her hesitant to start anything romantic with Moss, the handsome vet that helped her at the start of the episode.

5 June Got Oggi Deported & Pretended To Be Alice

June Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

If Alice and Oggi’s story wasn’t heartbreaking enough, a massive reveal in The Lost Flowers of Alice Heart makes it much, much worse. Alice discovers that June was actually behind her and Oggi’s break-up. Not only did June report Oggi so that he would be deported, she also emailed him pretending to be Alice, breaking off their relationship. Finally, she blocked all of his emails so that Alice would never know. Alice figures out this scheme at the very start of episode 4 when she discovers a letter written to her by Oggi. In it, he talks about the email that June sent as Alice, and also, reveals that he is getting married to another woman.

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This revelation is absolutely devastating for Alice and ruins her relationship with June. It is the reason Alice runs away from Thornfield at the start of episode 4 and why she refuses to talk to June or reveal where she is. Ultimately, June took control of Alice’s love life because of her own selfish desire to keep Alice at Thornfield. Alice clearly resents June’s possessive behavior, and now, no longer wants to be under her grandmother’s thumb. It’s unclear whether Alice will reach out to Oggi to set the record straight, or if unfortunately, it’s already too late.

4 Sally & John Adopted Agnes’ Son

Sally Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

At the end of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart episode 3, June finds out that Agnes’ baby is going to live despite what doctors previously thought, and in episode 4, his fate is revealed. Episode 4 shows that the baby, now named Charlie, was adopted by Sally and John. More than that, he recently suffered from poor health that could potentially be a result of the fire and his premature birth. The episode goes on to reveal that June has very little contact with Charlie. It seems that Sally’s The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart twist finally came to fruition.

3 June Never Told Anyone About Charlie, Including Alice

Alice Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

Once again, Charlie’s life with Sally and John is actually a much grander situation than it previously seemed because of June’s deception and lies. Although June knew that Charlie would survive, she told no one about it, and instead, quietly gave the baby up to Sally and John. When Twig finds out about this secret, she is shocked and angry. She resents June for never giving Alice the chance to grow up with her brother. Furthermore, Twig discovers that Charlie has been writing to Alice for his entire life, and nobody knew but June. For the second time, June’s controlling, secretive nature turns her into the story’s villain.

2 Alice Became A Floriographist In The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Sydney

Aside from all of June’s dramatic secrets coming to light, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart has a couple of smaller yet important reveals as well. First and foremost, Alice grew up to be a floriographist, or a person who creates messages through the language of flowers. This is a direct connection to her childhood at Thornfield and an example of Alice following in June’s footsteps. The fact that Alice defaces the floriography logo on her truck symbolizes her anger with June, although her continuing interest in flowers shows that she won’t be able to let go of her grandmother that easily.

1 The Man From The Walking Trail Works At The National Park

Alice & Clem in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.

Episode 4 introduces two love interests to The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’s cast, one of which is a man she meets while walking that turns out to work at the local national park. Alice first meets the man, Dylan, on a walking trail where he suggests that she visit a watering hole that night at 7:30, presumably to hang out with him. Alice blows him off to spend time with Moss, however the next night, she runs into Dylan again and realizes he works at the national park with Moss’ friends. Alice seems to have undeniable chemistry with Dylan, and their connection will likely continue into later episodes.

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