The League is a raunchy sitcom about a fantasy football league that features a talented cast and several dynamic characters. The show follows six friends whose obsession with their fantasy football league leads them to make each other’s lives miserable. Accessible for outsiders to the game, The League finds success in blending the comedy of everyday life matters, such as romance and work, with the hyper-competitiveness, as Pete, Ruxin, Jenny, Andre, Kevin and Taco strive to claim the coveted Shiva trophy.


A semi-improvised show, The League is among FX’s most highly rated series, owing much of its success to the energetic chemistry and inventive minds of its central cast. While the show ended in 2018, star Mark Duplass has expressed his openness to returning to The League, and many of the show’s stars have continued to work together in subsequent projects. A movie of The League is not off the table and, considering the impressive roster of guest stars The League has amassed, it could boast a star-studded cast.

Mark Duplass As Pete Eckhart

Mark Duplass and Meghan Markle staring and sitting in The League.

Duplass plays Pete Eckhart, the (comparatively) well-adjusted slacker of the group. Pete is the most successful player in the league, having won the Shiva Bowl three times, although all three wins were before the show begins. Mark is also the creator and commissioner of The Sacko Bowl, the trophy that decides which of the bottom 2 in the league will receive a series of punishments. Pete is the source of much of the show’s romance and sex-related storylines after separating from his wife Meegan in the first episode

While Pete is certainly one of his more memorable roles, Duplass is also known for voicing the character Val Bilzerian on Big Mouth, Netflix’s animated sitcom co-created and starring Duplass’ League co-star Nick Kroll. He has also starred as Chip Black in Apple TV Plus Original, The Morning Show. Alongside his brother, Jay, Duplass is also known for forming the independent film and TV production company “Duplass Brothers Productions”, under which label they have produced several high-profile independent features such as the Aubrey Plaza film Safety Not Guaranteed (in which Mark Duplass co-stars).

Nick Kroll As Rodney Ruxin

An image of Nick Kroll sitting behind a desk in The League

The sour, obnoxious Ruxin is considered one of Nick Kroll’s best roles. A ruthless patent attorney and an even more ruthless league member, Ruxin is often caught between his need to humiliate his opponents and his desire to please his beautiful wife Sofia, with whom Ruxin says he “out-kicked his coverage”. Alongside playing Ruxin, Kroll is also known for voicing Nick Birch on Big Mouth (which he co-created with co-stars John Mulaney and Jessi Klein), Dean in 2022’s Don’t Worry Darling, and radio DJ “The Douche” on Parks and Recreation.

Stephen Rannazzisi As Kevin MacArthur

Kevin looking from the couch wearing a tie in The League.

Kevin is the league commissioner for most of the show’s run. Best friend to Pete and an assistant district attorney, Kevin is perhaps the most impressionable member of the group, constantly seeking his wife Jenny’s advice until she becomes a member of the league and proving susceptible to conditioning and hypnosis multiple times. He is played by Stephen Rannazzisi, who, before joining The League cast, was known for playing Steve in the TV comedy, Daddy Knows Best. He also played Stuart in Paul Blart: Mall Cop and has appeared in small roles in New Girl and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Katie Aselton As Jenny MacArthur

Jenny in bed with the Shiva trophy in The League.

Considered the most likable of The League’s core group, Jenny is married to Kevin and proves a canny league member. Before her eventual acceptance into the league, Jenny influenced her husband’s decisions so heavily that she was made to do his season 1 losing punishment. A more diligent parent than her husband, Jenny’s foul mouth and cutthroat trading practices still rub off on their young daughter, Ellie. She is played by Katie Aselton, who is best known for portraying Amy Haller in FX’s Legion and Madeleine in The Morning Show. She is married to Mark Duplass, with whom she co-starred in the Duplass brothers’ breakout film, The Puffy Chair.

Paul Scheer As Andre Nowzick

Paul Scheer throwing his hands up smiling in The League.

Paul Scheer plays the oblivious plastic surgeon Andre. Dre holds less of a mean streak than the other characters, but his terrible taste in supposedly hip fashion and insistence on using urban slang invites merciless mockery from the rest of the league. However, Dre is the only League character to win the shiva twice during the show’s run. Like many of The League cast, Scheer had a role on Big Mouth, voicing Kurt Bilzerian (brother to Duplass’ Val). He’s also Mitch on Fresh Off The Boat and plays the head of the actual good place committee in The Good Place. Outside of TV, Scheer co-hosts the popular film podcast How Did This Get Made?

Jon Lajoie As Taco

Jon Lajoie as Taco on the League

Jon Lajoie plays Taco, Kevin’s younger brother, who is a stoned musician that coasts through life on charm and luck. Taco shows little interest or knowledge in football but has nevertheless won the Shiva bowl, scrawling his name in pen on the trophy’s engraving plate. The most sincere character on The League, Taco often attempts schemes which, despite their inevitable backfire, are born of love and a desire to help his friends.

As well as appearing on The League, Lajoie also starred in Let’s Be Cops and Nick Kroll’s sketch vehicle Kroll Show. Like his League character, Lajoie is a musician and has helped with the soundtrack for projects, such as The Lego Movie: The Second Part and The After Party on Apple TV Plus.

The League Supporting Cast and Characters

Seth Rogen and Jason Mantzoukas in The League

Jason Mantzoukas as Rafi: Ruxin’s brother-in-law, Rafi is briefly invited to join the league in season 2. He often reappears, bringing a chaotic energy with him as well the ability to produce a seemingly endless supply of hot dogs from his pocket. He is played by Mantzoukas, who is best known for playing Derek in The Good Place and Adrien Pimento in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He also voices a main character, Jay Bilzerian on Big Mouth and co-hosts How Did This Get Made with Paul Scheer.

Nadine Velazquez as Sofia: Velazquez plays Ruxin’s wife and eventual mother of their child. Although she disapproves of her husband’s behavior within the league, it is at Sofia’s request that Ruxin invites Rafi to join. Velazquez starred in the Denzel Washington film Flight as Katerina Marquez and Catalina Aruca in the popular series My Name Is Earl.

Alina Foley As Ellie: Kevin and Jenny’s adorable young daughter Ellie often takes after her parents in unhealthy ways. Nevertheless, she is remarkably well-adjusted considering the numerous calamities she has witnessed. She is played by Alina Foley, who starred in the Jackie Chan film The Spy Next Door as Nora and is part of the main voice cast on Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine.

Janina Gavankar As Shiva: Shiva was the valedictorian to the guys’ high school graduating class, and whose namesake is given to the Shiva trophy (along with her unflattering yearbook picture). Like other members of The League’s cast, Janina Gavankar plays a substantial role in The Morning Show, portraying Alison Namazi. She has also lent her voice to many popular games including Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War: Ragnarok.

Rob Huebel as Russell: Russell is a friend of the gang and a self-professed sex addict. He is played by Rob Huebel, who is best known for portraying John Calabasas in The Goldbergs and stars in the medical drama parody series, Children’s Hospital and its spinoff Hospital Police.

Adam Karchmer as Baby Geoffrey: Adam Karchmer plays Ruxin and Sofia’s son, Baby Geoffrey. He has also appeared on Conan and the Netflix mockumentary film Mascots.

Leslie Bibb as Meegan: Meegan is Pete’s ex-wife, whom he separates from in the pilot. Meegan’s future choices of romantic partners are a source of irritation for Pete, especially when she dates Andre in The League’s final season. She is played by Leslie Bibb, who has also starred as reporter Christine Everhart in Iron Man & Iron Man 2 and Sarah Lowell in the Denzel Washington film Law Abiding Citizen.

Seth Rogen as Dirty Randy: The Superbad and The Fabelmans star joined The League cast as the deviant adult film director and librarian, Dirty Randy (who is also Rafi’s best friend). In his first appearance, he shoots an adult film in Andre’s apartment as part of Andre’s punishment for finishing last in the league.

Jayma Mays As Trixie Von Stein: Glee star, Jayma Mays, plays Andre’s interior decorator-turned fiancée, Trixie Von Stein, whom the gang dislikes intensely. After joining the League cast, Mays also played Ruby in the Disney movie, Disenchanted, as well as Johanna in Bill & Ted Face The Music.

Seth Morris As Bill Haddock: Joining The League cast as Pete’s boss, Bill, is Seth Morris. He voices Greg Glaser on Big Mouth and recurs on Veep as representative Bill Jaeger.

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