• The Last of Us haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights will include all four stages of infected, including Bloaters not found in the Pittsburgh Quarantine Zone.
  • Creative director John Murdy confirmed that the haunted house will feature Bloaters, as well as other elements from different parts of the game, thanks to Neil Druckmann’s permission.
  • Incorporating these new elements into the haunted house will enhance the scares and surprise long-time fans of The Last of Us, providing a terrifying and immersive experience.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood creative director teases tons of infected in The Last of Us haunted house, including some that weren’t in the Pittsburgh quarantine zone in the game. During Halloween Horror Nights this year, fans will be able to step into the world of the acclaimed video game as they make their way through the iconic Pittsburgh quarantine zone. The haunted house will be filled with the infected, aka clickers, but while this section in the game didn’t include all four stages of the infected, the Halloween Horror Nights version will.

Screen Rant attended a Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood press event where creative director John Murdy revealed that The Last of Us haunted house will be filled with clickers. He reassured fans that Bloaters will indeed be featured, even though they weren’t in the Pittsburgh quarantine zone in the original game. Murdy explained how Neil Druckmann gave them the freedom to bring in elements from other parts of the game if it elevated the experience. Check out Murdy’s full quote below:

John Murdy: So we really wanted to feature [Joel and Ellie] in addition to all of the infected, and we’re doing all four stages of being infected in this house. Even though certain ones don’t exist in the Pittsburgh section and our fans are like, “You’re doing Pittsburgh, that means there’s no Bloaters.” No, there’s Bloaters, trust me. Neil allowed us the freedom to bring characters into this section that weren’t in the first part.

The Last Of Us Halloween Horror Nights Will Include All 4 Stages Of Infected

The Last of Us is not the standard zombie game or series, with the infected being taken over by the cordyceps that caused the infection that ravaged the Earth. This creates a striking visual with cordyceps blooming and mutilating the bodies of those they reanimate over time. In the game, this results in four different stages of Infected: runner, stalker, clicker, and bloater.

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While Clickers have become the most iconic in the franchise with their distinct sound and horrifying appearance, Bloaters are truly the most terrifying. In the game, part of how the infection spreads is through spores, an element that wasn’t included in the HBO series. Bloaters have been infected the longest, are the hardest to kill, and are the most deadly with the ability to throw mycotoxin directly at players in the game.

While Bloaters weren’t in the Pittsburgh quarantine zone in the game, bringing them into the Halloween Horror Nights haunted house also ups the ante for visitors. These horrifying creatures will surely both terrify and delight fans as they experience the same fear that the characters do in the game. Incorporating elements from different areas in the game into The Last of Us haunted house will also allow fans to be surprised after playing the game for so many years, enhancing the scares and overall experience.

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