The Last of Us episode 6 features a scene of Joel and Ellie sitting by a campfire which comes from unused concept art for the original game.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us episode 6 and the original game.The Last of Us episode 6 adapts an unused scene from the game of which only original concept art exists. Before the scene in question, The Last of Us episode 6 picks up with Joel and Ellie three months after their tragic journey with Henry and Sam. The duo is now in Wyoming, searching for any signs of Joel’s brother Tommy or the Fireflies, who Ellie needs to be delivered to.

This search takes them across an old couple living alone in a log cabin, who points them in the perilous direction of Tommy and the Fireflies. This leads Joel and Ellie to trek further into the wilderness of Wyoming, trying to avoid the dangers the couple warned them about while searching for Tommy. This paves the way for the unused game scene, with Pedro Pascal’s Joel and Bella Ramsey’s Ellie viewing the Aurora Borealis while camping out beneath the stars.

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Joel & Ellie’s Campfire Scene Was Unused Game Concept Art

Ellie and Joel with a post-apocalyptic background in The Last Of Us Part 1's cover art.

The concept art, which can be viewed below, depicts Joel and Ellie’s character models sitting by a campfire. The art shows the two laughing together, bonding in a way that is rarely seen throughout The Last of Us Part I. While the scene in The Last of Us episode 6 is slightly different in its tone, the usage is the same and offers similar benefits.

This scene goes to show Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin’s smart choices with their changes and additions to the original game. The concept art would have made for a good scene in the game, but it’s hard to think of a place to put it that would not detract from the expertly crafted pacing of the story. On the other hand – as evident by Bill, Frank, Henry, and Sam’s stories in Last of UsHBO’s adaptation knows exactly where to make changes to the story. This is proven by the campfire scene, with the unused concept art making for a tender, quieter moment that TV’s long-form storytelling allows for.

Why The Last Of Us Episode 6’s Campfire Scene Is Important

Pedro Pascal as Joel sitting by a campfire in The Last of Us episode 6 on HBO

The usage of the scene is important for two main reasons. The first is in regard to the character of Ellie, with the scene only furthering the growing feeling of survivor’s guilt she feels over her immunity. As with Riley and Tess, Sam was yet another person she cared for who has died in a way that she cannot, which is worsened with Sam through her attempts to save him. Not only does this compound the guilt she will feel for the remainder of The Last of Us season 1 and into season 2, but it smartly foreshadows her and Joel’s later argument about everyone Ellie cares about leaving her.

Secondly, the scene is a good way of giving Joel and Ellie a quieter moment to bond. The Last of Us episode 6 is all about Joel finally coming to terms with the fact he cares about Ellie, which is smartly foreshadowed by his opening up to her about what he would like in the future. From Joel’s wishes of owning a ranch and herding sheep to Ellie sharing her love of space and astronauts, The Last of Us episode 6’s unused concept art shows yet again that HBO’s TV video game adaptation knows what additions to make to further the story and characters of the show.

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