• A King of the Hill revival is coming to Hulu, with original creators at the helm, promising a heartfelt continuation of the beloved animated sitcom.
  • Tragic passing of Johnny Hardwick, voice actor of Dale Gribble, won’t hinder his presence in the revival, with recorded episodes ensuring his character’s inclusion.
  • The King of the Hill revival release date yet to be revealed, but with voice recording completed and original cast returning, it’s expected to arrive in the first half of 2024.

A return of King of the Hill revival is set to arrive sometime in the near future, and the news of Hank Hill’s return has been met with overwhelming anticpation. Joining the FOX network’s comedy scene in 1997, King of the Hill surprised audiences as one of the decade’s more grounded animated shows. Episodes follow the everyday life of earnest propane salesman Hank Hill, who lives in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas with his outgoing wife Peggy and their quirky son Bobby. Compared to more absurd comedies like The Simpsons, King of the Hill won audiences’ attention with its down-to-earth characters and relatable themes. Unfortunately, the show was abruptly canceled in 2009.

The King of the Hill revival is being helmed by the minds behind the 1990s show. Creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels announced the formation of their animation company Bandera Entertainment in January 2022. Among their list of announced projects, none has garnered more attention than the revival of Judge and Daniels’ classic sitcom King of The Hill. Despite ending over a decade ago, King of the Hill is still loved by audiences. The show has gained a cult following over the years and the original creators’ enthusiasm for the revival strongly indicates that they are dedicated to the project. The following is currently known about the King of the Hill reboot.

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Most Recent The King Of The Hill Revival News

Dale Gribble Smoking in King of the Hill

The most recent King of the Hill revival news has been incredibly tragic, as Johnny Hardwick passed away in August 2023. Hardwick voiced the fan-favorite character Dale Gribble, who’s known for chain-smoking and being a paranoid exterminator. While King of the Hill is known for being more grounded in reality than other adult animated sitcoms, Dale is the most out-there character, and he’s always entertaining. The late Johnny Hardwick played Dale in 258 episodes and in the 2000 King of the Hill video game, along with featuring in the video for Barenaked Ladies’ “Get in Line.”

However, Johnny Hardwick will still be heard in the upcoming King of the Hill revival series. It has been reported that Hardwick recorded new King of the Hill episodes before he passed away. Unfortunately, the number of episodes he recorded isn’t clear, and the exact words used were “a couple” (according to TV Line). Hulu hasn’t commented on Hardwick’s death, nor has the streamer revealed how many episodes the voice actor recorded. It’s also unclear whether or not Dale will be recast, but given past emotional King of the Hill episodes, the revival will likely give Dale a touching send-off.

The King Of The Hill Revival Is Confirmed

Hank and friends standing by the fence in King of the Hill

The King of the Hill revival is confirmed, as King of the Hill was picked up by Hulu in January 2023. Before Hulu became involved, Judge and Daniels had been planning a King of the Hill reboot since 2017, negotiating with FOX. Unfortunately, the negotiations yielded no results, though neither the show’s creators nor the network expressed why an agreement was never reached. Considering the timeframe, the network most likely declined the proposal to focus on other productions, including a revival of the popular sci-fi series The X-Files. Bandera Entertainment is providing Judge and Daniels with the resources to begin production on the revival.

Despite maintaining consistently positive ratings, King of the Hill was originally canceled because its numbers paled in comparison to the growing success of FOX’s accompanying animated shows. In the mid-2000s, comedian Seth MacFarlane became a household name at FOX with his shows Family Guy and American Dad!, both recognized for their fast-paced, off-kilter humor. King of the Hill lacked the high viewership that other programs had, effectively leading to the show’s cancellation and replacement by MacFarlane’s The Cleveland Show, a spin-off centered on a Family Guy side character.

The King Of The Hill Revival Release Date

Dale is a knife and cigarette in his mouth in King of the Hill

The King of the Hill release date hasn’t yet been revealed, but given that the reboot series has been worked on for years at this point, it has to be close to complete by now. While Hardwick had only recorded a couple of episodes, that isn’t a sign that the series is far away, as it’s relatively quick and easy to have voice actors record their lines. The King of the Hill revival release date will likely be sometime in the first half of 2024. In the meantime, previous King of the Hill seasons are available on Hulu.

The King Of The Hill Revival Cast

Bobby and Luanne smiling and standing together on King of the Hill

Along with the announcement made by Hulu in January 2023, the cast was revealed too, and almost every original voice actor is returning for the King of the Hill revival cast. Mike Judge will of course return as Hank Hill, Kathy Najimy will return as Peggy, Pamela Adlon will return as Bobby Hill, Stephen Root will return as Bill, and Lauren Tom will return as Connie. Hardwick will appear as Dale in a couple of episodes, but it’s unlikely that the character will be recast. Lucky (Tom Petty) likely won’t return either, as Petty passed away in 2017.

The underrated Brittany Murphy voiced Luanne Platter, Hank and Peggy’s niece, on all 13 seasons of King of the Hill. Murphy also tragically passed away in 2009 after suffering from pneumonia. There were four episodes left of King of the Hill to air when she died, and since there was never a season 14, the question of Luanne’s recasting was never really addressed. Recasting Luanne for the King of the Hill reboot would be disrespectful to Brittany Murphy’s legacy. Luanne doesn’t have to die, but she does have to leave Arlen in such a way that the prospect of her return is ruled out entirely and without question.

The King Of The Hill Revival Story

Peggy Bobby and Hank grilling in King of the Hill series finale

Neither of the creators has disclosed significant story details outside of a 15-year time jump in King of the Hill. This concept opens numerous possibilities for the King of the Hill revival story, showing older versions of the Hill family and their friends contending with new challenges. Moreover, the revival has the potential to definitively conclude the series, especially considering that it’s not the only project Judge or Daniels is producing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Daniels explained that he and Judge intend to have “more of a supervisory role [at Bandera Entertainment]… to help other people achieve their visions.”

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