Although reports have indicated that MTV’s The Hills contained scripted elements, the reality series also featured shocking unscripted moments. The Hills is one of the network’s most iconic shows that ever aired. During its peak seasons, the reality series brought in more views than other popular shows like Sex and the City. The series followed the life of Lauren Conrad and her group of friends, including Heidi Montag, Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge, and more. Also, the last season featured reality superstar Kristin Cavallari taking on the reins after Lauren’s exit.

However, despite the drama and notoriety of The Hills, after it finished airing, many reports confirmed that some aspects of the show were scripted. This revelation wasn’t surprising, since most reality shows sometimes contain manufactured elements to increase viewer ratings. Nonetheless, alongside some scripted drama, The Hills also included real moments between the cast, including feuds that have lasted for years.



10 Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery Discussion With Mother Darlene

During The Hills season 6 premiere, Heidi returned home to Colorado to talk to her mother, Darlene Egelhoff. The reality star was seeing her mother for the first time after undergoing ten different cosmetic surgeries in a day. As expected, the discussion was chilling as Heidi listed her operations, including a nose job, lip injections, and outer liposuction. However, after noticing the bewildered look on her mother’s face, Heidi asked what she thought, and Darlene responded, “I felt that you were much more beautiful before, and I’m hoping that some of this will fade away and go away.”

9 Whitney Port’s Oscars Modeling Fall

The Hills season 2, episode 11 provided one of the show’s most iconic moments regarding Whitney, Lauren’s fellow Teen Vogue intern. Whitney was allowed to model an Oscars dress previously worn by Hilary Swank. However, with all eyes on her, she took only a few steps in the dress before tripping and falling to the floor. What made the moment worse was that the show aired live on MTV and Good Morning America. Nonetheless, Whitney quickly stood up and carried on with the show.

8 Lauren Conrad & Heidi Montag’s Sex Tape Dispute At The Club

The Hills season 3 kicked off with another explosive argument between best friends turned foes, Lauren and Heidi. Although some dispute scenes were scripted for additional drama by producers, Lauren’s confrontation at Les Deux about the rumor of a sex tape was authentic. At the time, Heidi and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt were accused of spreading rumors that Lauren and her ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler made a sex tape. Lauren then confronted her “friend” about the issue with their altercation resulting in the iconic line, “You know what you did.”

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7 Lauren Conrad’s Appearance At Spiedi’s Wedding

Spencer and Heidi’s relationship on The Hills provided some of the most controversial storylines. Their relationship also proved to end Lauren and Heidi’s friendship. After feuding for most of the seasons and filming their episodes differently, Lauren shocked fans when she showed up at the pair’s wedding in 2008. Her appearance at the wedding gave everyone a glimmer of hope that the pair may rekindle their friendship. It also served as a new storyline for the producers to explore. However, Lauren’s appearance at the event wasn’t due to any scripting obligations, but just to support the couple.

6 Heidi Montag & Lauren Conrad Friendship Breakup Scene

Lauren and Heidi provided some of the show’s most dramatic and emotional moments. However, not many emotional scenes could beat their discussion after their feud about Heidi and Spencer spreading rumors of Lauren’s sex tape. After a couple of mini-confrontations, Heidi and Lauren agreed to meet face-to-face to clear the air. However, after Lauren asked why Heidi would want to be with Spencer, who has been spreading rumors about her, Heidi declared she “loves Spencer,” despite his sins. Realizing she wouldn’t get Spencer off Heidi’s back, Lauren said, “I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.”

5 Stephanie & Spencer Pratt’s Barbecue Confrontation

Stephanie and Spencer Pratt The Hills

The Hills season 6, episode 2 started with Kristin trying to get to the bottom of a rumor about her being a drug user. However, most of the cast members soon convened at her barbecue party. Kristin subsequently confronted Spencer’s sister Stephanie Pratt about the rumor, which the latter quickly denied. However, before leaving the party, Stephanie decided to talk to Spencer and Heidi. However, Spencer quickly sent a tirade of words at Stephanie, questioning why she was crying at a barbecue. He noted, “That’s why you’re not in my life, you crazy b**ch, because you come to barbecues and just start crying!”

4 Kristin Cavallari Gate-Crashing Spiedi’s Wedding

Before The Hills season 5 finale premiered, it was already known that it would be Lauren’s last appearance on the series as the face of the show. However, no one predicted that Lauren would attend the wedding. On the show, there was a brief emotional moment that Lauren shared with Heidi. However, Kristin unexpectedly showed up just before Heidi and Spencer’s vows. While wearing a similar dress to Lauren might’ve been planned, Lauren’s reaction to seeing Kristin wasn’t.

3 Audrina Patridge & Lauren Conrad’s Altercation Over Justin Brescia

Audrina Lauren The Hills

Audrina and Lauren had a somewhat fluctuating relationship on The Hills. Despite their apparent friendship, things never got deep between the two. However, one moment that marked the end of whatever friendship might’ve blossomed between them was the feud over Justin Bobby Brescia. During The Hills season 4, Audrina and Justin’s romantic relationship was quite shaky, and soon rumors started swirling that the latter had hooked up with Lauren. However, after Audrina confronted Lauren about the rumor, she vehemently denied it.

2 Lauren Conrad & Spiedi’s “Ketchup” Drama

Lauren’s feud with Heidi and Spencer peaked during The Hills season 3. The trio stopped filming together, and their encounters were always feisty. However, during episode 7, Lauren and her ex-boyfriend Jason were at a new restaurant called Ketchup, when Heidi and Spencer showed up. However, when the couple sent drinks to Lauren and Jason’s table, they sent the drinks back.

1 Lauren Conrad Meets Jason’s Girlfriend Katja

Lauren tried to rekindle her relationship with ex-boyfriend Jason during the early parts of The Hills season 3. However, things surprisingly turned when Jason announced he had a new girlfriend, Katja Decker-Sadowski. Lauren and Jason were hanging out at a patio restaurant when the latter announced the shocking news. He then invited Lauren to his housewarming party to meet Katja. Lauren surprisingly agreed and then showed up with Audrina at the party. However, after an awkward introduction, Lauren soon learned the pair were also engaged. The Hills has remained reality TV royalty since its finale, and it’s not surprising due to the many iconic moments the series provided.

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