The Goldbergs season 10 will be the last for the hit series, with the long-running 1980s-set ABC sitcom airing its series finale this May.

The Goldbergs season 10, which is currently airing, will mark the end for the series and air its final episode this May. The Goldbergs is a sitcom on ABC set in the 1980s that follows the comedic lives of the Goldberg family, inspired by creator Adam F. Goldberg’s childhood. Airing since September 2013, the series has amassed over 200 episodes and much critical acclaim, as well as successful viewership throughout its almost 10-year run.

According to Deadline, The Goldbergs season 10 will end the period sitcom. The series finale is set to air sometime this May, acting as the curtain call for the Goldbergs and their hilarious adventures over the years. Season 10 is set to give the series a proper ending, indicating that everything in the series will receive proper resolution during its final episodes.

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How Will The Goldbergs End?

Beverly Goldberg in The Goldbergs season 9

The Goldbergs ending with season 10 may not be a surprise, given the loss of two major cast members in recent seasons. These were George Segal as Pops Solomon, who sadly passed away in March 2021, and Jeff Garlin as Murray Goldberg, who parted ways with the series following misconduct allegations in December 2021. Murray as a character has since died to explain Garlin’s absence, leading to a Goldberg family that isn’t as whole as when the series first began.

The Goldbergs season 10 has already set the stage for the end of the series. Rather than moving away to college, Adam has stayed at home with his mom Beverly in order to process Murray’s death. It’s likely the absence of Garlin’s character will somehow play into the end of The Goldbergs, especially as Adam enters a relationship with Carmen that his father will never get to see. That his sister Erica is graduating from college and has a baby on the way also underscores how the children of the Goldberg family are growing up, a sign that the family sitcom has likely run its course.

With the series finale a few months away, The Goldbergs still has plenty of laughs to give before the show comes to a close. Beloved characters like Adam, Beverly, and Barry are bound to find even more funny situations they’ll need to navigate during the show’s last few episodes. Since the 1980s-based sitcom has become a staple of ABC comedies for over a decade, it will be bittersweet to see The Goldbergs get a proper ending to its impressively long time on TV.

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