Opening weekend projections for The Flash movie box office are in, and they’re quite low, slowing down hype for the upcoming DC movie. At the start of 2023, The Flash seemed like one of the safer bets for Warner Bros. Discovery and DC. Despite star Ezra Miller’s legal troubles, The Flash was highly anticipated – largely thanks to the return of Michael Keaton as Batman and the introduction of a new big-screen Supergirl (Sasha Calle). Hype has since grown thanks to rave reviews for The Flash from a variety of big names, like Tom Cruise and Stephen King. However, The Flash box office projections are now challenging that hype.


THR reports The Flash is on track for an opening weekend box office haul of $70 million domestically, though The Wrap‘s numbers are slightly higher with a projected $75 million tally. International projections for The Flash box office have yet to come in, but will boost these initial predictions. Still, the DC movie will have to far exceed these projections not only in the opening weekend but in the following weeks in order to turn a profit on The Flash movie’s budget of $200-$220 million.

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Will The Flash Be A Box Office Bomb?

Ezra Miller Looking Surprised as Barry Allen in The Flash Movie

It’s important to note that these projections are only for the domestic opening weekend box office and don’t reflect international ticket sales nor the following weekend hauls. As such, it’s still very possible The Flash movie box office turns out to be a success. Generally, a movie must make more than twice its budget to be considered a success. For The Flash, that means it would need to earn $400-$440 million at the worldwide box office in order to be considered profitable. While that would be difficult based on these early projections, it’s not impossible.

The Flash movie’s box office opening is on par with Black Adam, which earned $67 million domestically in its opening weekend and just barely eked out a profit. The early projections of Miller’s DC movie are well below what The Batman earned in its opening – $134 million – but are much better than Shazam! Fury of the Gods‘ first weeken tally of $30.1 million. However, The Flash has a much higher budget than Shazam 2, so will need to earn far more to turn a profit.

It remains to be seen how The Flash performs at the box office once it hits theaters in three weeks. It’s possible the hype WBD has built up around the movie will carry it to a much more substantial opening weekend take. Although early reactions for The Flash dropped last month, reviews have yet to be released and, if they’re positive, they may motivate more casual moviegoers to see The Flash. Word of mouth after the film’s release would also help if it’s positive. So, while The Flash opening weekend predictions are quite low, it’s still possible for later projections to increase and the DC movie to have a successful box office run.

Source: THR, The Wrap

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