If The Flash theories regarding the movie’s secret villain are proven true, the film is going to have a significant challenge thanks to The Flash television show starring Grant Gustin.

Throughout the movie’s marketing, the true villain has been kept hidden. However, the movie could have a hard time distinguishing its villain if it’s indeed one that’s been developed on the small screen over the last nine years.


Currently, the trailers for The Flash have kept their focus on a new version of General Zod’s Kryptonian invasion, created by Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen who will inadvertently alter reality with a collision of timelines after he tries to save his murdered mother in the past. However, Zod is seen primarily facing Sasha Calle’s Supergirl rather than Barry or the alternate Barry Allen he joins forces with. As such, several theories have suggested that the true villain of The Flash movie could be a version of the Reverse-Flash, Barry Allen’s arch-rival who’s been an ongoing threat in the CW show since 2014.

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Reverse-Flash Has A Big Challenge Competing With The Flash Show’s Villain

The Flash Nash Walls Reverse-Flash

If Reverse-Flash is indeed in Ezra Miller’s Flash movie, the question will be whether this new version will live up to the precedent set by the popular TV show starring Grant Gustin. The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash rivalry has been an ongoing narrative that’s lasted almost a decade on the small screen. It’s covered so much ground in terms of both story and emotion, having multiple layers and stories across several seasons. As such, Reverse-Flash is inarguably the show’s best villain. It’s going to be very hard to top what’s already been seen on the CW.

Played simultaneously by Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher, the motivations of the CW’s Reverse-Flash mirror the comics: Barry Allen must suffer for robbing Eobard Thawne of his chance to be a hero in the future. As such, Thawne became the Reverse-Flash, tapping into a darker version of the Speed Force to race back in time and tamper with Barry’s life, including becoming his mentor to craft a worthy opponent. He’s also the one who killed Barry’s mother and framed his father, motivating Barry’s own damaging time-travel exploits which the CW adapted from the comics’ Flashpoint storyline (and the movie is likely following suit).

How Reverse-Flash Could Be Very Different In The Flash Movie Compared To The Show

Seeing as how Ezra Miller’s Barry will also go back in time to try and save his mother and clear his father’s name, the odds are strong that the Reverse-Flash is The Flash movie’s secret villain. Thankfully, the theories that the second Barry Allen may become corrupted into the classic rival would certainly make the role unique from the CW’s version. This alternate Barry would be a dark mirror to the original Allen, a stronger and quite compelling interpretation of the name Reverse-Flash.

Likewise, the emotional resonance surrounding the concept of a Dark Barry being responsible for The Flash losing his parents would be huge. Either way, comparisons will undoubtedly abound no matter what version of the Reverse-Flash is present in The Flash movie. Here’s hoping he’ll be distinct enough when the movie opens in theaters on June 16th.

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