A new image from The Flash has been released, featuring the best look yet at the alternate Barry Allen’s Flash suit that appears to have been made from a batsuit. Starring Ezra Miller in the titular role as two versions of the same superhero, this new Barry Allen duo will be joined by Sasha Calle who’s playing a brand-new version of Supergirl. Likewise, multiversal chaos will also see them joining forces with Micheal Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton-directed movies.


A film almost a decade in the making, The Flash will see Barry Allen attempting to save his mother in the past, creating a domino effect of colliding timelines. This will undoubtedly explain the humorous pairing of dual Flashes. Now, Total Film Magazine has revealed a new image featuring the classic Flash next to the new alternate Barry that will be introduced, offering a great look at his Flash suit retrofitted from one of Keaton’s batsuits. You can check out the image below:

Both Versions of Barry Allen in The Flash Movie

Evidently, it seems both Flashes will be in a rush to save reality, having no time to make this second Barry an official suit of his own.

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Why Is The Flash Wearing A Reconstructed Batman Suit?

The Flash Keaton suit lightning bolt

Based on the trailers, it looks as though this alternate Barry Allen won’t have powers at the onset of the movie. Instead, there are shots showing both Barrys being struck by lightning at the same, mirroring the Flash’s attempt to regain his powers as seen in the Flashpoint storyline from the comics which the movie is loosely based on. As such, this second Barry wouldn’t have ever needed a supersuit beforehand as he likely hadn’t been a speedster (until now).

Due to the ongoing crisis of needing to save the world and restore timelines all during a new Kryptonian invasion thanks to General Zod, it stands to reason that the second Barry will have to use what’s on hand in the Batcave. This will likely explain the spray-painted red and yellow batsuit, shaved-down pointed ears, and reflective tape. At any rate, it’s a very funny concept to help this new Barry fit in with all the other costumed heroes when The Flash comes to theaters on June 16th.

Source: Total Film Magazine

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