There are several rumored DC characters in The Flash movie. While James Gunn and Peter Safran just signed on to reboot the DCU on both the big and small screen, 2022 sees the last of the old-guard DC movies, with The Flash, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Blue Beetle, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom finishing things off. In 2023, Gunn will kick off his lineup and there is little chance that many pre-Gunn characters will return. However, this also gives The Flash a chance to really excite fans with some cameos in what might be the last go around for many DC actors from the past.


When The Flash trailers arrived, it proved that many of the rumored DC characters in The Flash movie were appearing, and that some others weren’t. The Flash characters confirmed in the trailer include two different Batman variants and a brand-new Supergirl. However, it also revealed a story set in a world with no known metahumans — all but ruling out from Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and other Justice League members. There is still a chance for some surprise cameos, but even if not, there are plenty of DC characters from across multiple cinematic continuities in The Flash movie.

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Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/The Flash

ezra miller as the flash in dc projects

When it comes to the DC characters in The Flash movie, Barry Allen (the titular Flash) is the focal point — and in The Flash there will be two of him, both played by Ezra Miller. Despite Flash appearing in a few DCU movies, Barry is not the Scarlet Speedster everyone knows him to be yet. The Flash movie will follow a version of Barry who is still getting the hang of things. The biggest detail about his arc thus far is that he’ll go back in time to alter history to save his mother who was murdered when he was a child. Director Andy Muschietti indicated Flashpoint will be adapted but it won’t follow the storyline exactly.

Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne/Batman

Michael Keaton as Batman.

One of the consequences of Barry’s time travel is the return of Michael Keaton’s Batman — and this version of Bruce Waynes is inarguably one of the most anticipated DC characters in The Flash movie. From the trailers, it seems that Barry either creates or travels to a timeline where Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is now the Caped Crusader. Keaton’s take on the DC icon will bring a huge change to The Flash as Barry will officially get a new suit, as revealed at DC FanDome. While the DC Comics Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) is not confirmed to be part of the story, it’s likely Keaton’s Batman in The Flash movie will play that mentor figure for Barry as he tries to figure out this new reality.

Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne/Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman and Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League.

While Keaton’s return has been a key talking point surrounding The Flash movie cast, he’s not the only Batman in the film. The Flash will see another Dark Knight join the story. Despite being reportedly finished as the Caped Crusader, Ben Affleck’s Batman returns as one of the DC characters in The Flash movie. Affleck’s Batman seems there to warn Barry against messing with the timeline (clearly unsuccessfully, since the movie still happens). Muschietti teased that Affleck’s Batman in The Flash movie is a “substantial part of the emotional impact” of the film. His relationship with Barry will be explored in a new way that goes back to how they both have lost their parents in their lives.

Ron Livingston’s Henry Allen

Ron Livingston cast as Henry Allen in The Flash movie.

Ron Livingston plays Barry’s father, Henry Allen. He replaces Billy Crudup, who had to depart due to scheduling conflicts. Crudup was cast as Barry’s remaining parent figure, framed for the murder of his wife. He had been in prison for years. Crudup first appeared in 2017’s Justice League. Despite it being given that he’d appear in The Flash movie, it was reported the actor was in negotiations to reprise the role before he had to drop out altogether. While Crudup had to leave, Livingston remains a solid choice to take his place.

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Kiersy Clemons’ Iris West

Kiersey Clemons in a promo photo.

One of the most important people in Barry’s life always will be Iris West, the love of his life. Kiersey Clemons was initially cast as the DCU version of the DC character in The Flash movie. She made her debut in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and reprises the role in the solo The Flash film. In May 2020, rumors suggested that while Iris would be in The Flash, production was looking to recast the iconic Central City Citizen reporter. However, it was confirmed in March 2021 that Clemons would indeed be back as Iris in The Flash.

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl

Sasha Calle's Supergirl in The Flash

Supergirl is making her big-screen debut in The Flash, with the Kryptonian superhero yet another of the popular DC characters. Sasha Calle as Kara Zor-el was a surprise casting, as the focus was previously on The Flash himself and the two iterations of Batman. Sasha Calle’s casting was announced in February 2021. The Flash trailer confirms that Supergirl will be filling a narrative role similar to Superman’s in the Flashpoint comic, with Supergirl held prisoner (until Batman and Flash rescue her. There’s speculation as to whether Calle will remain as the DCU’s Supergirl, as James Gunn has confirmed Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is part of the upcoming DC movie slate.

Maribel Verdú’s Nora Allen

a promo photo of Maribel Verdu from The Flash.

Barry’s mom, Nora Allen, is a crucial character in the Flashpoint storyline and her tragic death is what leads the scarlet speedster to time travel to the past to stop her from being murdered. Known best for roles in Pan’s Labyrinth and Y Tu Mama Tambien, Maribel Verú officially joined the cast of The Flash movie as Nora. From the trailers, it’s clear Flash rewrites his timeline to save his mother — another story beat lifted from the Flashpoint comic — so this is one of the DC characters in The Flash movie that plays a massive role in the emotional core of the story.

Michael Shannon’s General Zod & Antje Traue’s Faora

michael shannon as general zod in the dcu

One of the biggest surprises with DC characters in The Flash came when General Zod (Michael Shannon) showed up in the trailer as the major villain of the movie — or one of them, at least. However, here there was no Superman, and it looks like Batman in The Flash movie needs Supergirl to save the Earth from the Kryptonian villain. Zod was the villain in Man of Steel, a played a huge role in why Batman hated Superman in that version of the DCU. His return in this alternate timeline was unexpected, but also sets up a great replacement for the suspiciously-missing Reverse Flash. Antje Traue also returns to the role of Zod’s lieutenant, Faora-Ul.

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Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/The Flash (Rumored)

Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as The Flash on Crisis on Infinite Earths.

2020 saw Ezra Miller make the DCU part of the Arrowverse’s multiverse during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen’s meeting was a huge moment, and left the door open for the Arrowverse and DCU to engage in the future. However, The Flash is now ending its run, and the Arrowverse is pretty much dead outside of Superman & Lois, and it looks like all the old characters are gone for good. However, Grant Gustins Flash showing up in The Flash movie would be the perfect sendoff as DC moves into its new post-Arrowverse and DCEU era.

It’s possible the film could, at some point, feature that Crisis scene, but from Miller’s POV. Leading up to that meeting, fans might get to see how Barry gets there and where he was before being in the Speed Force with another Flash. Even if it’s reused footage, having Gustin’s Flash as a crossover character in The Flash movie alongside Miller would continue to show anything is possible, and that all DC’s live-action Multiverses are connected on some level.

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