Since his divorce from Chantel Everett, The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno has projected the image of a successful real estate agent, and some fans think that he doesn’t give Chantel enough credit for his success at work. Meanwhile, he gets non-stop negativity on social media, although he’s trying to rewrite his narrative. This has led to Pedro’s Instagram page being filled with criticism, as he tries to sell houses for profit.

After 90 Day Fiancé, The Family Chantel‘s Pedro was known for his commitment to working out, and his devotion to his wife, Chantel. However, following season 4 of the spin-off, his reputation took a dramatic turn. Pedro turned on Chantel, and started calling the working nurse lazy and demanding. He wanted her to do more around the house. He pulled away from Chantel emotionally and physically, which led to him ending the season by requesting a divorce from a heartbroken Chantel. Now, Chantel and Pedro appear to be happier on their own.


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The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno Is Getting Shade On Instagram

Pedro shared an Instagram video to his main account, along with his new, business-centered Instagram page. At that IG account, The Family Chantel star acted out a skit for work, while wearing glasses and a polo shirt. While Pedro used the post to advertise his new real estate page, he received many comments blasting him for not crediting Chantel for his success. “I guess you are making the money you wanted. Did you thank Chantel for allowing you and your family to use her?” one top commenter asked. “I guess the (apple) doesn’t fall far from the (tree),” another user wrote, as they compared Pedro to his absentee father.

Pedro Jimeno May Owe Chantel Everett

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett from The Family Chantel dressed up

Numerous commenters wondered if Pedro owes Chantel for his success, and whether he should attribute his progress to her. He did take credit for her nursing career, since he worked while she was in school. “Too bad you weren’t available for your wife,” one commenter wrote to Pedro. “He just wanted that visa he didn’t love her he used her,” another user observed. However, some of Pedro’s fans did note their happiness for the Dominican Republic native. “Very proud of u and your success keep up the good work,” one supporter wrote. “Why do people say thanks to Chantel ? If he’s the one who studied to be a realtor,” another person added.

Currently, it is unclear if Pedro will continue on The Family Chantel. However, Chantel’s mother Karen Everett has hinted at there being another season, which is something that has been heavily requested by viewers. The past installment ended with the couple divorcing. While Chantel has hinted at having a boyfriend, there have been no indications that Pedro met anyone new, aside from rumors that he cheated on Chantel during their marriage. However, if Pedro and Chantel both appear on The Family Chantel season 5, there is a good chance that their romantic lives will be explored, in addition to their careers.

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