• Chantel didn’t want the breakup with Pedro, and would have preferred to work on the relationship, but he wanted a clean break.
  • Chantel may still have feelings for Pedro, while Pedro is no longer in love with her after their six-year relationship.
  • Chantel’s posts on Instagram may be an attempt to attract Pedro’s attention, and possibly win him back. However, doing that may not be good for her.

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett‘s been through a lot, including a very painful split with Pedro Jimeno, and she may be trying too hard to put up a front online, with Barbie looks and more. Public breakups are very difficult, and Chantel didn’t want the breakup. Pedro forced the issue by filing for divorce, when she would have preferred to work on the relationship. For example, she wanted counseling, but he preferred a clean break. However, both are still online, and even living in the same city. Each may (if only subconsciously), try to one-up the other with “happy” post after “happy” post. However, Chantel doesn’t always seem authentically content on IG.

Chantel may pine for her ex, but Pedro’s not in love with Chantel anymore. He wanted out of the relationship, which lasted for six years. Although they don’t spend time together (they’re estranged, and can probably never be friends), they surely see each other’s posts. Sometimes, famous exes trade barbs online, but they don’t. However, the worst-case scenario is that Chantel’s trying to attract Pedro with her posts, instead of accepting the end of their marriage. If that’s the case, she might benefit from stepping back from social media. If she’s waiting for Pedro to come home, it’s understandable. However, it’s not healthy for her.

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Is Chantel Sending Messages To Pedro Via Instagram?

Chantel’s fascination with Pedro’s well-documented. She used to dote on her partner, who could seemingly do no wrong in her eyes. Even when Pedro’s behavior was sketchy, and she had to deal with his insufferable mother Lidia Morel and sister Nicole Jimeno, she would argue with him, and then forgive him. They went through that toxic cycle again and again, and Pedro’s family members definitely didn’t help the pair. In fact, they did major damage. Chantel’s passion for Pedro burned hot, and now, she may be psychologically scarred from that searing heat.

At this stage, Chantel could be checking out Pedro’s photographs and clips on Instagram, trying to make sense of everything that happened. Those pictures may bring back memories that make her long for the past. In order to make Pedro notice her, she could be going too far. For example, in the post above, under the gorgeous glam, Chantel looks so sad. Does she want Pedro to know that she feels that way?

Chantel Didn’t Fake Her Love For Pedro

90 Day Fiancé Chantel & Pedro

Some reality stars seem to be faking or exaggerating their love. Chantel was never one of those people. Since she really gave her heart, she was crushed when relationship ended. While she’s strong, and pushing her career forward, she’s a human being. Her feelings are important. It’s easy to sympathize with a woman who loved their partner so much and lost him.

It’s such a tragic outcome for The Family Chantel star Chantel, who may have been duped by a smooth-talking player who knew just what to say to her, and how to act. This kind of stuff happens every day of the week, but when it inspires “happy” posts like Chantel’s, it seems even sadder.

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