A breakout character from the DCEU is returning to the DC Universe. Solicitations of DC Comics’ August releases reveal that Emilia Harcourt, a character featured in several recent DC films, is coming back to life.

DC has released solicitations of the books the publisher will be putting out in August. In addition to the second half of its Knight Terrors miniseries, as well as a saucy swimsuit special featuring DC characters, the fourth issue of Batman: The Brave and the Bold is set to come out. The anthology book promises an interesting collection of tales, such as Batman facing off against a new enemy known as Mr. Baseball and a Knight Terrors tie-in for the Stormwatch team. But the solicitation also makes mention of a story from Rob Williams and Stefano Landini that will see the “return of Emilia Harcourt“. While the solicitation doesn’t offer more details, it did come with a variant cover from artist Kael Ngu. The artwork shows Harcourt sitting on her gravestone in the rain, the ground below her looking as though it had been recently moved.


The Suicide Squad’s Harcourt is Back From the Dead

Batman Brave and the Bold 4 Ngu Cover DC Comics

Emilia Harcourt was an NSA agent that worked alongside A.R.G.U.S to keep an eye on Amanda Waller’s ambitious task force. She debuted in Suicide Squad Vol.5 #2 and only had a few sporadic appearances before she was killed by Captain Boomerang after it was revealed she was a double agent for a terrorist organization. However, the character took on a new life when she was portrayed by actress Jennifer Holland in several DCEU projects such as The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, and Black Adam.

While the details of how or why Harcourt is coming back to life are unknown for now, it makes sense that she’d come back at this point in time. Aside from her becoming a much more well-known character thanks to her film and television appearances, her old enemy Amanda Waller is making dangerous moves. Waller has just recently been given the go-ahead by the mysterious authority known as the Light to eliminate the heroes of the world, and she’s put a bounty on the heads of every superhero in the DC Universe. Harcourt was no angel, but she could be coming back to get revenge on the woman who helped kill her.

Emilia Harcourt is Coming For Amanda Waller

Harcourt Punches Waller DC Comics

Harcourt is very much like Amanda Waller. Smart, methodical, and knows how to play people. With Waller declaring open season on superheroes, the caped community is going to have their hands full trying to stay alive. But while the heroes and villains duke it out, Harcourt’s return could see her mounting her own challenge against Waller. That’s not to say Harcourt is going good or seeking redemption, but she could be an ally in the dark days ahead for the DCU. Fans can see the return of the DCEU character in Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4, on sale August 22nd.

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