After The Circle season 2 aired, many viewers wanted to know what happened to some fan-favorite couples that emerged from the popular Netflix series, including Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason. Another chance at love was realized when Mitchell and Chloe starred in Perfect Match season 1 in 2023, and even though Chloe originally had her eyes on someone else at the start, Mitchell briefly won her over. Their relationship timeline was a rollercoaster and spanned two reality TV franchises.


Viewers were first introduced to Chloe on Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle season 1. She then made her way over to The Circle, entering the game in episode 1 as herself in an attempt to secure the prize money. On the other hand, Mitchell didn’t enter the game until episode 5, hoping to make it further than Ed and Tammy from season 1, who just so happen to be his brother and mother. After connecting in the real world, the reality TV stars gained a second chance at love in Perfect Match.

Chloe and Mitchell’s Relationship Beginnings

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Speaking with Cosmopolitan in May 2021, Chloe stated that the pair did share a kiss during an unaired finale moment and after the cameras stopped rolling. Although it wasn’t revealed then, Mitch and Chloe went on to date for eight months. While the cause of their breakup is unknown, it’s likely connected to long distance and Mitchell’s alleged virginity. Though Chloe kept her promise, and was known to have visited Mitchell in 2021, the Too Hot To Handle alum announced that the pair decided not to pursue a romantic relationship but would remain great friends.

Chloe and Mitchell Reconnected On Perfect Match

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The depth of Chloe and Mitchell’s short-lived relationship was only revealed when the pair appeared on Perfect Match in 2023. On the show, it was revealed the couple had meaningfully dated for eight months, and Chloe felt there was unfinished business. Chloe was matched with Love Is Blind‘s Shayne Jansen when she was offered a chance to date Mitch again. Devastatingly to Shayne, Chloe chose to reconnect with Mitch, but later turned him down when he exhibited the same commitment issues he displayed while they were dating.

Mitchell and Chloe are not together in 2023, and likely closed that door when Chloe rejected him on Perfect Match. While the two definitely had a flirtationship on The Circle, their goals and values don’t align. Hopefully, each of the Netflix stars will find someone for whom they are better suited soon.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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