• The Changeling is a dark fantasy horror series based on the novel by Victor LaValle, featuring LaKeith Stanfield as Apollo Kagwa.
  • The series takes a fairy tale approach to storytelling, with Emma gaining three wishes and Apollo embarking on a nightmarish journey to find his missing wife.
  • The Changeling premieres on Apple TV+ on September 8, 2023, with three episodes dropping initially and subsequent episodes releasing weekly until October 13.

The Changeling news has started coming in thanks to the trailer showing people what the new Apple TV+ series is going to be about. Based on the dark fantasy horror novel by Victor LaValle, The Changeling stars LaKeith Stanfield as Apollo Kagwa, a new father and wants to be a better man than his own dad, who abandoned him. However, his wife Emma shows little interest in their son and seems to be experiencing post-partum depression. However, after she does something unthinkable for a parent, she disappears and Apollo heads into a nightmarish world to find his missing wife.

While the SHOW sounds like a drama, The Changeling is pure fairy tale horror. From Emma gaining three wishes to her and Apollo making a life-altering decision that could doom them both, The Changeling has been described as an old-school fairy tale, the type of story where happily-ever-after doesn’t always exist. The story is said to take Apollo to a forgotten island, a graveyard full of secrets, a forest where immigrant legends still live, and finally back to a place he thought he had lost forever.” With the series hitting Apple TV+ very soon, here is all the information about The Changeling.

The Changeling Recent News

The Changeling poster for Apple TV Plus-2

The most recent The Changeling news came with the release of The Changeling trailer in August. The Apple+ series, which premieres on September 8, is based on the 2017 dark fantasy novel written by Victor LaValle. Anyone with knowledge of the novel knows what the series is likely to be about, but the trailer really pounds home the terror and dread of the series. The trailer introduces fans to Apollo Kagwa (LaKeith Stanfield), a man persistent when it comes to asking out Emma Valentine (Clark Backo). However, after a trip to Brazil, Emma comes back different, and soon something starts to haunt them and tear the family apart.

The Changeling Release Date

Apollo with a book in The Changeling

Apple TV+ has revealed The Changeling release date for the upcoming horror series. The first three episodes of The Changeling drop on the streaming service Friday, September 8, 2023. After episodes 1-3 arrive in batch, the series will play out with one episode a week, released each Friday until October 13, when The Changeling finale airs.

The Changeling Cast

Apollo with a pregnant Emma in The Changeling

The Changeling cast features some huge names to carry this “fairy tale for grown-ups” on Apple TV+. LaKeith Stanfield is not only the star of the series, but one of the executive producers who helped usher it into existence. Stanfield, who picked up an Oscar nomination for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah, stars as Apollo Kagwa, a used book dealer who falls in love with a woman named Emma and ends up marrying her. Emma “Emmy” Valentine is played by Clark Backo, who broke out with her role as Rosie in Letterkenny.

Joining Stanfield and Backo in The Changeling cast are Adina Porter and Samuel T. Herring. Porter plays Lillian Kagwa, Apollo’s mother. Porter is an American Horror Story veteran, appearing in four seasons of the show including the very first. Herring is William Wheeler, a man who becomes friends with Apollo as he tries to win back his wife and kids. Also appearing in The Changeling cast in supporting roles is Amirah Vann as Kim Valentine, Malcolm Barrett as Patrice Green, and Jared Abrahamson as Brian West.

The Changeling Story

The Changeling poster for Apple TV Plus-1

The trailer shows what appears to be a nightmare fairy tale world for The Changeling story. In the trailer, Apollo had been pursuing Emma for a while, with her continuing to turn him down. However, she later tells him that she was rejecting him because she was moving to Brazil. That didn’t last long, and she came home with a gift – a bracelet with three wishes that would come true when she took it off. When they remove it, the wishes come with nightmares, and the two are thrown into a frightening world where Emma disappears and Apollo fights to save his family.

It seems very mysterious, but it is also based on a novel, so there is a way to learn more about the plot. The Changeling was written by Victor LaValle and published as a horror fantasy novel in 2017. The novel has Apollo as a father and husband who is trying to be the best he can, unlike his own father who abandoned him. However, his wife Emma seems disinterested in their baby boy and shows signs of post-partum depression. However, there is something dark at work and when Emma does something unthinkable and disappears, Apollo heads into an enchanted world to find his wife.

The Changeling Trailer

LaKeith Stanfield sitting and staring in The Changeling

The Changeling trailer arrived just a month before the premiere on Apple TV+ and showed a horrific world with magic, fantasy, and terror. The trailer interestingly started off looking like a romantic comedy. Apollo was at a library and kept asking out Emma multiple times, but she kept saying no. She finally admitted she said no because she was going to Brazil. However, while in Brazil, she met an older woman who gave her three wishes and a bracelet to wear until she wanted them to come true. When she and Apollo finally got together, Emma had their son but then her wishes had what looked like horrific backlash when she disappeared.

The The Changeling trailer has a lot of scary moments, including what looks like frightening people coming for Apollo, Emma, and their son. When Emma disappeared, Apollo went to find his wife and ended up in what appears to be a dark fairy tale world. The reviews of the novel indicate that it foregoes happy endings for old-school fairy tale stylings, and if The Changeling trailer is any indication, the Apple TV+ series will follow suit.

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