The Boys may be a live-action superhero show, but a new AI-generated trailer shows just what the characters would look like as animated Pixar characters. Based off of the comic series The Boys, the show depicts what superheroes would probably be like in the real world, and they aren’t anywhere close to nice. That’s why it’s so shocking to see the worst supes with big ears, bright eyes, and wide smiles.


The Pixar-like animation quality was produced by AI Fun on YouTube and shows off another world for The Boys. Check it out below:

The video shows Butcher, A-Train, Starlight, Hughie, and a host of other characters in animation. Each of them is depicted with bright colors — a stark contrast to the darkness that usually grips the show. The most hilarious reveal is unsurprisingly Translucent, who is shown as little more than an empty hallway.

Could A Pixar Version Of The Boys Work?

Homelander smiling in The Boys

The Boys works as well as it does precisely because it is such a twist on the typical superhero genre that it jars the mind. Where normal superheroes do their best to remain good-hearted and benevolent people, almost every living supe in The Boys is a horrific human being. They play with people’s lives, torture innocents, frame people for crimes, and constantly exhibit a reckless disregard for life.

Just as The Boys satirizes superheroes, it can satirize the Pixar style. The show has already played with animation before, and it recently included cute talking animals in Black Noir’s identity reveal. It just hasn’t been afraid to shy away from cutesy images that provide an even stronger contrast with its gory and shocking narrative.

A Pixar version of The Boys might rely on shock value, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work. There’s nothing more terrifying than picturing Homelander crushing skulls with big eyes and rosy cheeks. It would really add to the horror of his character. The Boys is already branching out to include younger characters in the Gen V spinoff, so there really is no reason that it couldn’t at least try to mimic Pixar’s style.

Source: AI Fun

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