The Blacklist season 10 clip and images reveal Red’s hairy new look as he goes on the run from his team — without any warning whatsoever.

New images and a clip from The Blacklist reveal that Red (James Spader) has picked up a hairy new look for season 10. After becoming one of the FBI’s Most Wanted, Red has made a name for himself as an FBI informant working to take down the world’s criminals. While he originally worked with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) to track down their suspects, after her recent death, Red is more alone than ever.

In the clip and images released by Entertainment Weekly, Red is proving that being alone is essentially his default state. Check out the images below:

Sporting a brand new look that has left Red with long hair and a beard, the former criminal appears to be on the run, especially since Cooper (Harry Lennix) doesn’t seem to be aware that Red is in New York at all. With Red ignoring Aram, who reportedly left The Blacklist after season 9, the future looks remarkably explosive for the wandering anti-hero.

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Everything We Know About The Blacklist Season 10

Red in a courtroom in The Blacklist

While season 10 came as a welcome surprise, after years of bad ratings that left the show with an average of only 4.77 million throughout season 9, the next season has almost arrived. After shockingly reintroducing season 1’s Wujing (Chin Han), The Blacklist will be tying back to its roots as it puts Red in the role of the hunted criminal, where he has only previously been the hunter. Apparently, it’s led to a new look and explosions, which isn’t too far from Red’s usual state.

With The Blacklist ending with season 10, the show will have the opportunity to properly conclude its long-running story. It is expected that there will be 22 episodes, and The Blacklist will need them all to wrap up the many questions that remain. After all, it still needs to explain the importance of Liz, and why Red has kept his identity secret for so long.

Red, Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq), and Cooper will be returning to their roles in the show. Meera Malik (Parminder Nagra)’s daughter, Siya (Anya Banerjee), will be joining the cast, as she tracks down Red’s team and honors her mother’s memory. Everything known about The Blacklist season 10 indicates that it will be tying up loose ends, reintroducing old characters, and bringing an end to Red’s story — one way or another.

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