Both parts of The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion special have officially aired, and it’s time to break down the biggest reveals from the event. After a long season, the majority of the cast returned to look back on the most dramatic moments and settle some ongoing conflicts. Hosted by Maria Menounos, the reunion special spanned over two parts and was only missing a few ride-or-die pairs like Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera, Kim Tränka and Colleen Schneider, Turabi “Turbo” Çamkiran and Tamara Alfaro, Sam Bird and Kailah Casillas, and Emmy Russ and Nam Vo. Other than those missing couples, the entire cast returned to relive the eventful season.

There was a lot of ground to cover during the reunion, considering how many challenges the competitors faced and the sheer volume of relationship drama crammed into the 19 episodes. Although Tori Deal and Devin Walker won The Challenge, the focus didn’t stay on them for long. Instead, Maria immediately dove into the drama that started at the very beginning of the season between Nurys Mateo and Ravyn Rochelle, which set the tone for the rest of the confrontational reunion. Competitors were asked a combination of fan questions and Maria’s own inquiries, and some huge bombshells were revealed.

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Moriah Calling Out Aneesa For Being Dismissive

One of the biggest unexpected moments of the reunion came when Moriah Jadea was honest about her strained relationship with Aneesa Ferreira. Moriah, a rookie to The Challenge, outright admitted that she doesn’t like Aneesa as she feels the veteran player was consistently cold to her throughout the season. After some prompting, Moriah explained, “You didn’t treat me that nice. You were very dismissive… You said that I had to sleep with someone to get saved. Although The Challenge legend Aneesa has seen her fair share of conflict over the years, it was shocking to watch her get called out by a rookie.

Jordan & Laurel’s Rekindled Relationship

The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion's Laurel Stucky is sitting in front of a blue background and smiling with wide eyes, looking slightly uncomfortable.

Another shocking development was the news that Jordan Wiseley and Laurel Stucky briefly rekindled their romantic relationship somewhat recently. Jordan and Laurel dated for over a year back in 2014, after they formed a bond on The Challenge: Free Agents. Although the relationship didn’t last and both parties moved on, Jordan and Laurel confirmed at the reunion that they hooked up sometime after Jordan and Tori called off their engagement in 2020, though Jordan clarified that it wasn’t in the past year. After Jordan and Tori’s feud this season, the news was unexpected, but ultimately the three competitors agreed to move on.

Chauncey Calling Some Of The Challenge Women “Fake”

Amber and Chauncey from The Challenge Ride or Dies standing outside together

Amber Borzotra is a champion of The Challenge with an impressive range of skills, but other competitors haven’t always treated her with respect. At the reunion, Chauncey Palmer clarified comments he made on Twitter about some women on The Challenge being “fake” to Amber, singling out Aneesa and Nurys specifically. He even alleged that the women had a group chat where they insulted Amber, although Nurys vehemently denied the accusation. The moment led to an important conversation where Amber revealed that she was recently diagnosed with autism, and the mother-to-be expressed her struggles with socializing and feeling accepted.

Reunion specials following a season of The Challenge always put competitors in the hot seat, forcing them to take responsibility for comments made online or behind the scenes. The Challenge: Ride or Dies reunion was no different, and the various bombshells answered some lingering questions while also setting up future potential plot lines. Hopefully, the upcoming season of The Challenge will produce just as much drama and an even bigger reunion special.

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