Resources are used for crafting and research in Starfield, but it can be hard to find the best way to store these items without organizing your cargo.

As you journey throughout different planets in Starfield, the amount of resources you collect will grow and grow, making it difficult to find the best way to store your collection of items. Ranging from crafting materials to items important for research, you might find your ship’s cargo space filled up pretty quickly. Organizing and expanding on the structures you are able to build will help create more places to keep everything you harvest.

Any item kept during your travels is usually placed in your ship’s cargo hold, a module that can only hold a small amount of objects when you begin Starfield. This area may be customized to expand the number of items the cargo can store. This could cost plenty of money when you visit a Space Port and talk to the Ship Technician in the area, so make sure to farm enough credits to buy this upgrade.

The Best Way To Store Resources In Starfield

Starfield Outpost on Distant World with Large Cargo Hold Space Built to Store Items

If you’re struggling to find space for all your items as you continue the main story of Starfield, the best ways to store things are through Outpost cargo holds and building weapon storage in your ship. The weapon storage is similar to the cargo hold upgrade to any ship, allowing you to display and put away your tools of destruction. This can help organize your weapons outside a main cargo space, freeing up some room for other items. Eventually, when you have enough credits and resources, you can also upgrade your Cargo hold from the shipbuilder menu and replace older modules or add more Cargo modules on your ship’s outer body.

Adding more Cargo modules will increase your ship’s overall weight. In order for it to be fly-worthy, you may have to attach a more powerful engine.

Outposts are similar to a Fallout 4 mechanic seen now in Starfield, mimicking the settlement system where you could make your base in the wastelands. Now, you have the ability to build your own Outpost structure by placing down a Beacon on different worlds. In addition to several various materials and power sources needed to run an Outpost, this space can host a cargo hold nearly the same as a ship’s.

Outposts have a build limit restricting how many structures can be added to the overall design. You’ll need to collect tons of Lead, Aluminum, and Sealant resources to expand your Outpost to its maximum potential.

Keep in mind that an Outpost’s cargo space is also limited, even though you may be able to build multiple storage spaces in an Outpost. Later in your journey, you may have enough materials to make an Outpost with cargo holds to further organize your items. It could also be best to sell some items in Starfield rather than find places to store them so that you have money for other projects.

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