In order to buy the best parts for your mech build in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, you’ll need to farm plenty of money by earning COAM from completed missions. COAM credits are the game’s main currency, which you can spend on weapons and other equipment in the Parts Shop of the Garage. Some missions are easier to beat than others, with fast objectives that can be finished repeatedly.

One of the requirements to gain an S-Rank in Armored Core 6 missions is how fast your mech can meet every objective. When going out on a sortie, you have the option to replay old missions for a higher Rank with builds using new parts you now have access to. For example, the “Operation Wallclimber” mission can’t be completed the first time with Tetrapod or Tank Legs, but beating it once unlocks these parts for a replay.

The Best Missions to Farm Money in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Replay Mission Menu with

The easiest missions to earn COAM from are within Chapter 1, called “Attack the Dam Complex” and “Destroy the Tester AC,” when you go to the Replay Mission menu. Both are quick, usually taking around 5–8 minutes if you have the right build for the job. Be careful not to get damaged or spend too much ammo since this will raise your Expenses bill and rob you of the full reward in Armored Core 6.

Another way to earn COAM without worrying about mission Expenses is to defeat rival ACs in The Arena, a 1v1 combat mode that grants a decent chunk of money for taking down opponents.

“Destroy the Tester AC” pits you against a single enemy training mech that you have to destroy for 90,000 COAM. You always get to engage this student-operated machine by surprise, giving you a chance to stagger it almost immediately. High impact damage weapons and a melee weapon in Armored Core 6 can easily take down this unfortunate pilot, giving you a good amount of money for little effort.

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The “Attack the Dam Complex” mission gives you 190,000 COAM for teaming up with two friendly mechs to destroy squads of light MTs and the generators to the Gallia dam. Having two allies makes this mission almost trivial, allowing you to take down enemies almost without trying in Armored Core 6. Ignore the optional enemies here and get each objective done fast to obtain all the COAM you might need for a part or two.

The best missions to farm COAM money in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon are painless to repeat, without major bosses that could rack up your Expenses and time.

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