The Batman – Part II can reuse one Birds of Prey hero and bring Renee Montoya into its detective story. Matt Reeves’ The Batman successfully rebooted the Dark Knight once again on the big screen by focusing more on the idea that Bruce Wayne is the world’s greatest detective. Robert Pattinson’s Batman investigated the various clues left by Riddler (Paul Dano) to uncover secrets about Gotham’s history and the criminal system. The film noir approach to the character should continue with The Batman 2 after the first film’s success, allowing Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), and others to embark on a new detective story.

Much of The Batman 2‘s story is still a mystery, but it is expected that Batman will encounter other characters from DC comics in the process. This could include some candidates for The Batman 2‘s villain. However, the first film set up Bruce to potentially take on more help in his crime-fighting missions moving forward. Batman forged a strong relationship with Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), and she could return to aid him once again. There has also been speculation about Robert Pattinson’s Batman getting a Robin or teaming up with another DC hero. Birds of Prey featured one that could be perfect for The Batman 2 to reuse.

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The Batman 2’s Detective Story Could Introduce Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya analyzing a crime scene in Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (2020)

Renee Montoya could be introduced in The Batman 2‘s detective story as a new ally for Bruce Wayne. The Gotham Central Police Department detective was originally created for Batman: The Animated Series, but she made her live-action debut in 2020’s Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Rosie Perez played the DC Extended Universe’s version of Renee Montoya, who helped form the Birds of Prey team before quitting the GCPD to become a vigilante herself. In the comics, she becomes the hero known as The Question, taking over the mantle after Vic Sage died.

Since Renee Montoya is considered one of the best detectives in Gotham, she could join Batman in investigating the next crime that happens in The Batman 2. Matt Reeves’ interest in exploring the detective side of Batman’s world means that Renee Montoya would fit in quite well. The movie could thoroughly explore her talents as an investigator to create a fun and competitive relationship between her and Batman. Renee Montoya’s The Question can be The Batman 2‘s major new DC hero and fill a void potentially left by Catwoman after going to Blüdhaven.

How Question Could Fit Into The Batman’s Sequel

Renee Montoya takes over as The Question

Introducing The Question in The Batman 2 is another opportunity for the movie to expand the ranks of the GCPD. Renee Montoya works with Harvey Bullock in the comics when Jim Gordon is the Commissioner. Since Wright’s version of the character is still only a Lieutenant in the GCPD, it is possible that The Batman 2 could change Montoya’s origin and have her work directly with Jim Gordon. This creates an easy path for her to meet Batman and offer her help in solving the latest mystery.

There is also the possibility that Renee Montoya will not be the only version of the Question to be in The Batman 2 as an ally to Robert Pattinonson’s Batman. Vic Sage’s life as a television journalist could mean that he plays a part in the story as he reports on Batman’s activity. Renee Montoya could then meet Vic Sage and learn about his Question mask before taking over the mantle. This allows her to become another vigilante in Gotham, which Batman would surely investigate, and set up them working together in The Batman – Part II.

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