Who among the famous X-Men is really the strongest? When the mutations and superpowers recruited for the team can alter the fabric of reality, the idea of ranking the ‘most powerful’ or ‘greatest’ of Marvel’s mutants is more than a challenge. But who among the dozens of X-Men team members is physically the strongest, when it comes down to raw power, and muscle?

Some candidates for the strongest X-Men hero are obvious choices, since the likes of Colossus, Apocalypse, and of course Juggernaut are among the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. But in selecting the most physically strong mutants who ever joined the X-Men universe, there are guaranteed to be a few surprises… and several underrated fighters that X-Men fans have completely forgotten.

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14 Wolverine


As arguably the most famous X-Men character of all time, it’s hard to ignore a brutal brawler like Wolverine when pitting all mutants against each other in a test of strength. But it speaks to the true limits of mutant strength that Wolverine is on the list, but he’s nowhere near the top of it.

It’s true that in addition to his famous claws and unkillable healing factor, Wolverine is also blessed with enhanced strength, reflexes, agility, and endurance. But toughness isn’t the same as raw strength. So even if Logan is capable of moving anywhere from 800 lbs to a ton or two, he’s more valuable as an unkillable warrior than an immovable object, or unstoppable force. And when you’re able to jump over, slice through, or get pulverized by any obstacle in your path, muscles are a bit overrated, anyway.

13 Sabretooth

sabretooth anger

As a perfect one-two-punch to Wolverine, his kindred spirit, lifelong enemy, and eternal rival Sabretooth earns his spot alongside Logan when it comes to musclebound powerhouses. Despite the augmentation and mutation differences between Logan and Victor Creed, the pair are perfect counterpoints due to how much they share in common. Both brutal in a fight, both as strong as a human could ever be, and both capable of unleashing every ounce of power their body contains.

Unfortunately for Wolverine, Sabretooth is even bigger, broader, and stronger. A wild, brutal animal in contrast to Wolverine’s hardened blades, the strength enhancements given to Creed by both his son, Graydon, and a version of the Weapon X Program make him impossibly strong. Just scraping the edge of what power is possible beyond humanity’s natural limits, Sabretooth still pales in comparison to the X-Men’s superhuman heavyweights.

12 Emma Frost

Emma Frost in X-Men Variant Turini Art

Comic book fans know Emma Frost as one of the most powerful telepaths in Marvel Comics, rivaling the powers of Charles Xavier or Jean Grey (depending on the story). But they may not know she’s actually also one of the strongest X-Men, thanks to the second mutation Emma developed in the early 2000s. An odd ability to transform her entire body into a diamond-hard form, unlocking strength even a telepath would kill for.

The invulnerable durability granted to her in this diamond form is easy enough to demonstrate, but the form also unlocks offensive capabilities as well. The science behind this superpowered mutation is a bit vague, but the results are clear: in diamond form, Emma is capable of doling out devastating physical strikes, and lifting over a ton if needed. For this notorious White Queen, the choice between brains or brawn… is no choice at all.

11 Beast

X-Force Beast

Speaking of brains, the brilliant Beast a.k.a. Henry McCoy is known primarily as one of the smartest characters in Marvel Comics. But as anyone could guess by taking one look at his oversized, overmuscled, and over-furred frame, Beast is also one of the strongest. From his very first appearance in X-Men #1 back in 1963, Beast has represented the superhuman muscle of the mutant team, a raw strength that persists even as other hulking heroes competed for the spotlight.

Unlike other humanoid mutants blessed with enhanced strength, part of Beast’s edge comes from his unique phyisology; officially resembling one of Wakanda’s famous white gorillas more than a regular human being. Applying enhanched muscles and strength onto that frame, and Beast is able to leap dozens of feet, hurl hundreds of pounds without breaking a sweat, and lift up to ten tons. Assuming the problem can’t be solved with his intellect, of course.

10 Omega Red

Omega Red crouches and is ready to fight in a Marvel comic.

What if mutant transformed into a walking nightmare? The answer: Omega Red. Born as Arkady Rossovich, this bloodthirsty Russian murderer was a villain long before any mutation ever surfaced. Once it did, the mutations merely afforded him more methods to kill by sheer willpower alone. It was only after he was nearly killed and turned over to the KGB that he received his enhancements, in a horrible attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Programs that created heroes like Captain America and Wolverine.

On paper, Omega Red’s healing factor, enhanced strength and stamina might be comparable to previous candidates on the list. But when paired with his mutant “death factor,” Omega Red is actually capable of draining life from his victims to amplify all of his physical traits. Lifting ten tons normally but dozens after ‘drinking’ energy from powerful enemies, given enough victims, the true limits of his body and muscles are impossible (and terrible) to imagine.

9 Monet St. Croix

Monet in X-Factor Comics Art

If there is one challenger to the title of the strongest X-Men member who is most criminally underrated, it must be Monet. Known as ‘Penance’ to some, or simply ‘M’ to others, the tortured heiress is walking proof that superpowers don’t make life any easier. Trapped inside a living prison by her brother for years, Monet eventually broke free into the world of Marvel’s superheroes… and unleashed a power set that puts most mutants to shame. Superhuman speed, flight, hearing, sight, telepathy, invulnerability, and strength make Monet a walking army.

Having demonstrated powers that would easily draw comparisons to Superman or Supergirl, Monet’s base strength registers as ‘Class 10’ (the number of tons she can comfortably lift). Earning her a top spot among the strongest beings the X-Men have ever recruited.

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8 Rogue

Rogue Cosplay Marvel Comics

Given the nature of Rogue’s powers and mutation, her true physical strength is potentially limitless, depending on whose power she absorbs by touching them. As a baseline, she is essentially off the charts, alongside iconic juggernauts like Colossus, Hulk, or The Thing, able to lift well over one hundred tons.

Rogue can punch and destroy Sentinels with a single punch. The true limits of her strength haven’t been documented in Marvel Comics, but by absorbing the power and strength of both Carol Danvers and Wonder Man over the years, she’s potentially cosmic in terms of her physical strength.

7 Namor

Namor New Phoenix Avengers Comic

The wild card spot on the list of strongest X-Men or mightiest mutants goes to Namor. Most famous as the Atlantean King of Marvel’s comic universe, the facts are the facts: Namor is half-Atlantean, half-human, and all-mutant. The wings on his ankles which provide the gift of flight are the most obvious symptom of Namor’s mutation, but the true nature and depth of his mutation is much harder to pin down. The result is what matters, however, making Namor stronger, faster, more durable, and more formidable than any other Atlantean before him.

What makes Namor a ‘wild card’ is based directly in his unclear physiology, granting him as much strength as a story may require (whether in or out of the water). What makes Namor capable of drawing blood from Thanos or Sentry, or able to knock out Hulk or The Thing with one royal punch? The answer may never be clear. But then, that only adds to the mystery of Marvel’s Sub-Mariner.

6 Colossus

colossus x-men propaganda colossus

Colossus is well known to comic book fans for his incredible strength. Not only is he able to pick up and throw Wolverine at opponents like the Sentinels, but Colossus is also able to lift weight in excess of one hundred tons, making him one of the most powerful Marvel characters, hands down.

Colossus has proved his strength against other powerful Marvel Comics characters, most notably the Juggernaut, who is ostensibly stronger than Pitor Rasputin. Colossus has also fought The Thing and the Hulk, standing toe to toe with both.

5 Strong Guy

Strong Guy in X-Factor Comics Art

With an official codename like ‘Strong Guy,’ one would only hope that Guido Carosella would earn a spot among Marvel’s strongest X-Men. One of the few heavyweights with an oversized body denoting their strength, the hulking Strong Guy is capable of lifting fifty tons without breaking a sweat. But there’s a catch.

Officially, Strong Guy’s strength is limitless, growing exponentially in response to the amount of kinetic energy he can absorb in a fight (bad guys hit him, and he can hit harder). The only problem is that while Guido’s mutation has no limit… the same can’t be said for his actual body. Absorbing enough damage to dole out 100-ton hits is a gift, but the toll it takes on his heart — or the painful deformations his body will suffer if the energy isn’t depleted in time — mean Guido’s spot on the list comes at a hefty price.

4 Juggernaut

Juggernaut bellowing and wearing his signature helmet as he crackles with red energy in Marvel Comics.

The Juggernaut is one of the most powerful villains in Marvel Comics, with an uncharted strength level that is limited only by what the mystical Gem of Cyttorak allows him. But ask his most devoted fans, and they’ll argue that even the depowered Cain Marko stands alone among mutants.

Juggernaut can punch through solid steel, bring down buildings, and prove more than a challenge for powerful superheroes like Colossus and the Hulk. He is virtually unstoppable in his armor, and susceptible really only to psychic forms of attack. Though he started off as a villain for the X-Men, he has been part of the team in recent years, confirming that a being of his strength is always one you want fighting on your own side.

3 Gentle

Don’t let the name fool you, the mutant called ‘Gentle’ contains one of the strongest beings in all of Mutantdom. And while the glimmering, vibranium-laced tattoos covering Nezhno Abidemi’s body may be what most readers notice first, they are actually not a part of his mutation. Instead, they are actually a solution created to help him keep his mutation at bay.

Nezhno’s mutation means that, like Hulk, his muscles and body rapidly expand, unlocking superhuman strength. But unlike Hulk, the process is an incredibly painful one, which takes a serious physical toll on his body (meaning using his power will eventually kill him). The tattoos help to keep his power under control, but it’s his ‘Gentle’ disposition that may save him. Because the longest-serving X-Men all agree: easily growing to match the strength of Colossus, Gentle could quickly match the Hulk if unleashed.

2 Apocalypse

An image of Apocalypse in Marvel Comics

First things first: yes, Apocalypse is one of the X-Men’s most evil villains. But in recent years, he’s been a trusted ally and even part of the White Council on the mutant home of Krakoa. He’s brought his incredible strength to bear against the common enemies of mutantkind, using his seemingly limitless strength to fight back as ‘the original mutant,’ for whom all mutational advantages are possible.

Beyond the superhuman strength he boasts through his biology, Apocalypse is also able to harness latent energy to exponentially increase his strength. He is strong enough that he has been able to resist and restrain the Incredible Hulk (back in Incredible Hulk #456), and his reputation alone prevents most mutants from ever dreaming of standing against him in combat. If they can help it, at least.

1 Meggan Puceanu

Meggan Gloriana in Marvel War of Heroes Card Game Art

Made famous as a powerful shapeshifter and mystic during the classic Excalibur run of the late 1980s, Meggan Puceanu, the half-mutant/half-faerie wife of Captain Britain is nearly unpralleled in physical strength. Given her mixed magical heritage, granting the ability to draw elemental energy from the Earth to move hundreds of tons, it may not seem like an entirely fair fight.

Still, Meggan’s ability to transform into mythical creatures or giant fire-breathing dragons does connect her strength to real, physical muscle and force. Wherever she may draw the strength from, increasing her physical form to stand toe-to-toe with Galactus alone earns Meggan her rank. She is the strongest since her strength is unlimited, and unrestrained by any rules even the most powerful mutants will eventually be forced to obey.

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