While The Conners season 6 needs to focus on Becky’s story going forward, bringing back one season 5 guest star could facilitate this character development. The Conners does not indulge in too many big-name celebrity cameos. As a grounded sitcom about a working-class family, The Conners doesn’t give many opportunities for its heroes to stumble across A-list stars in person. When celebrities do appear on The Conners they usually play original characters, much like guest stars did on the show’s predecessor Roseanne. In The Conners season 5, William H Macy and Sean Astin were among the guest stars whose cameos saw them play new characters.


While The Conners season 5 wasted some cameos, this could not be said for Astin’s appearance as the kindly pilot Tyler. In The Conners season 5, episode 20, “What’s So Funny About Peas, Love, and Understanding?” Tyler bonded with Becky over their shared singlehood, and the pair decided to go on a date at the episode’s ending. However, this was the last that viewers saw of Tyler in The Conners season 5. Fortunately, the showrunners have since said that Tyler will likely return to the Roseanne spinoff in The Conners season 6. This is good news for those who enjoyed Astin’s role, but also for Becky’s character.

The Conners Season 6 Must Bring Back Sean Astin’s Tyler

Becky and Tyler in The Conners season 5

Astin’s role as Tyler can’t be a one-off appearance because his character has an opportunity to bring Becky’s uneven story back on track in The Conners season 6. While The Conners season 5 finale wrapped up Mark’s high school story and featured a sweet moment between him and Ben, the episode didn’t tell viewers anything about Becky’s future. Throughout The Conners season 5, Becky’s story stagnated. Her character development has been stuck in a rut ever since she had an affair with her professor in The Conners season 4, and season 5 did little to change this. However, Tyler’s arrival in her life could be the start of something big.

In The Conners season 5, Becky’s college storyline went nowhere. Even though she ended up on academic probation for dating her professor in season 4, The Conners season 5 never explained when this probation ended and how long is left in her course. Meanwhile, her love life has been nonexistent since The Conners season 4 outside of Tyler’s brief appearance. As such, instead of The Conners adding more Roseanne cameos in season 6, the spinoff should give Becky’s budding romance with Tyler the story focus that the subplot deserves. This, in turn, could allow Becky to improve other areas of her chaotic life.

Becky’s Character Could Move Forward With Tyler’s Support

Becky Darlene and Jackie shocked in The Conners

If The Conners season 6 brings back Tyler, Becky could gain some stability and move out of Ben and Darlene’s home. This would be a major achievement for her, but it is unlikely to happen without Tyler’s support. Becky works at the Lunchbox while also juggling her psychology course, and her short-lived fixation over Jackie’s slot machine proves that she is barely able to keep her addiction at bay. The stress of everyday life is getting to Becky, and it is only exacerbated by living under Ben and Darlene’s roof. Thus, after The Conners season 5 finale finally sent Mark to college, season 6 could see Becky move out too.

The Conners Can (Usually) Pull Off One-Time Guest Stars

The conners season 5 jimmy allen

Whether it is Whoopi Goldberg, Jaime Pressly, William H Macy, or Jack McBrayer, The Conners can usually get away with one-off guest appearances. Since the title characters of Roseanne’s spinoff are almost always in conflict with new characters, they tend to drive them away. This means that viewers rarely wonder why these guest stars never appear again, since the family’s conduct is enough to put them off returning to Lanford. However, this is not the case with Tyler. Tyler was seemingly smitten with Becky, so it would not make sense for him to simply forget her and move on offscreen.

While The Conners season 6 could end the series, this would only work if Astin’s Tyler became more than a one-off guest star. If Tyler were to return, he and Becky could begin to build a life together. This could allow Becky to move out of Darlene’s house, thus improving Ben and Darlene’s tense, temporary setup. Thus, The Conners season 6 could give everyone a happy ending by bringing back an existing character and utilizing their full potential. However, it remains to be seen whether The Conners season 6 will take this approach.

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