In flipping his Infinity Gauntlet snap and focusing on torturing a single man on his birthday every year, Thanos proved how devious and evil he could really be. In Thanos Annual #1, a humorous story involving the Mad Titan focuses on the villain visiting a young boy on his birthday all the way into his adulthood. However, the day is no cause for celebration, as Thanos ruins the man’s life and makes his special day a living hell.


Thanos is Marvel’s ultimate villain, whose famous Infinity Gauntlet coomic conquest led to one of the single most destructive actions in comic book history as he snapped away half of all life from existence to please the living embodiment of Death. However, despite his incredible kill count, one story from a Thanos-starring anthology decided to flip the Mad Titan’s most evil feat. Instead of focusing on snapping away and destroying half of all life, the villain made sure to make one man’s birthday the worst day of the year.

Thanos Hates One Man in the Universe More Than Any Other

Thanos Snap Reversed in Marvel Comics

In “What To Get From The Man Who Takes Everything,” by Chris Hastings, Flaviano, Federico Blee, and VC’s Clayton Cowles in Thanos Annual #1 by Marvel Comics, the story focused on no act of cruelty being too small for Thanos. Starting on his first birthday, Thanos would visit a man named David to ensure his special day was filled with horror and pain. At five years old, Thanos kills David’s father. At 16 years old, he sends a horrible text to David’s girlfriend, making her never want to speak with him again. At 27 years old, the Mad Titan tells the poor man his cat is dead as he gets laid off from work. Finally, at 45 years old, Thanos smashes his pipes, floods his house, and tells him he doesn’t care if he lives or dies but will be back again next year to cause trouble on his birthday.

The birthday hauntings are essentially the complete opposite of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet snap, largely considered one of his most devastating attacks on the Marvel Universe. Instead of focusing on destroying half of all life from existence, he makes each year of David’s birthday a nightmare. Thanos’ commitment to destroying David’s life every year is impressive, as he only manages to forget his big day once, leading the poor tortured man to believe the Mad Titan was done with him. But unfortunately, Thanos didn’t forget for good and continued ruining his life.

Thanos Ruining David’s Birthday Proves He’s More Evil Than Fans Think

Thanos Tortures David on His Birthday

While Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet snap might be his most evil deed overall, visiting the man and committing horrible deeds every day on his birthday throughout his entire life is unquestionably one of his darkest and oddly personal missions. Thanos has done horrible things for a number of causes, worthy or otherwise. He eliminated half the universe for love, dissected his own mother to try and cure her, and even destroyed his own home planet of Titan.

But David didn’t do anything to deserve the birthday visits, as Thanos just wanted to inflict pain and cruelty no matter the size or scale leading to one man, unfortunately, feeling the Mad Titan’s wrath every single year of his life.

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