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In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you will have a choice of Family members to play, although no one can choose Grandpa as he plays an integral role in the match but is not controlled by the player. However, choosing perks that make Grandpa stronger could help the rest of the Family out as they hunt down surviving victims. You will need to choose your perks wisely to maximize performance.

There are five total Family members to choose from in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, including Leatherface, the Cook, the Hitchhiker, Johnny, and Sissy. You can choose which Family member to invest in and pick a Perk Path to upgrade first, as even though you might not get your Family Member of choice, you can invest any points earned into any character they choose. Here are the best perks for each Family member, in no particular order, with hints as to what strategy they work the best with.

Best Perk For Leatherface

Leatherface's Perk Path in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

While the other Perks focus a lot on damage, Tracker Tagged is a valuable Perk for Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Leatherface is mainly concerned about brute strength and tracking down Victims who escape the hooks. Often, the other members of the Family set the traps and feed Grandpa, waiting for players to emerge out of the basement while Leatherface stalks the underground passages. Due to this, while Leatherface can hit hard, several of the tank Victims, such as Ana, can escape after being hit by Leatherface and use the small passages and crawlspaces to lose him and sneak on by.

Leatherface is the only character that must be present in each match to start play. This can make it essential to understand his gameplay, as you might be forced to play him to play the game.

So while Tracker Tagged is very early in his skill tree, it is an absolutely essential Perk that will make a big difference due to Leatherface’s brutal but slow gameplay. Tracker Tagged in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre means that hitting a Victim will highlight them for all Family members, including ones further ahead that might be able to intercept the escaping Victim. This could also notify Sissy, who can chase Victims through smaller passageways.

Best Perk For The Cook

The Cook's Skill Tree in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

While not the best Family member individually, the Cook can be quite the team player in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. As the Family is meant to work together, the Cook’s abilities to play a critical supporting role can make a match end a lot better for the Family, depending on how well everyone works together. That being said, the Cook is quite slow and runs out of stamina easily if he does stumble upon a Victim.

Prey Drive makes the Cook a much more valuable team member in this regard, as while Leatherface and Johnny might be hunting Victims down, the Cook is much more likely to be in the House or outside, setting traps and feeding Grandpa. But, when he does see a Victim, Prey Drive can increase his stamina for enough time to capture a Victim before it returns to normal. This allows the Cook to put on some speed when it’s most needed.​​​​​​​

Best Perk For The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker is mainly concerned with setting traps, making it difficult for Victims to escape. At the highest level, the traps alert the Family member to their locations, damage Victims more, and give the Family blood for resetting or collecting traps, allowing them to activate and level Grandpa up. As the Hitchhiker will likely be running around setting lots of traps, he is a good candidate for Dinner Bell.

Dinner Bell allows the perk holder to see any Victims caught in a trap, but unlike the Hitchhiker’s main ability, this Perk gives the holder a boost of stamina, allowing them to move quickly toward the trap and the waiting Victim. With his other trap-related Perks, the Victim should be moving quite slowly and very injured, so this added boost of stamina should give the Hitchhiker the upper edge to give the Victim a gory end in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Best Perk For Johnny

Johnny's Skill Tree in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Johnny is a bit less straightforward than some of the other Family Members in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as his main ability depends on finding movement left behind by Victims as they attempt to escape. As his main ability levels up, he can see footprints a lot longer, see a longer trail, and analyze more clues left behind. This makes him a strong hunter, but it can also hurt him if he doesn’t have any other means of tracking down Victims.

Sometimes, it might be best to level up Perks with Johnny to buff Grandpa more, giving the whole team a boost rather than trying to increase Johnny’s ability. However, suppose you want to invest more in tracking down Victims individually. In that case, Perks like Punishment will give Johnny a stronger attack as both an incentive and a reward for finding Victims. The stronger his attack, the more unlikely it will be that the Victims can escape him once found.

Best Perk For Sissy

Sissy's Skill Tree in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Sissy has been quickly working her way into a favorite to play, as her abilities allow her to damage Victims without finding them and to follow them into areas of the map in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that the other Family members cannot. She can leave poison clouds to block Victims from escaping or put poison into items Victims tend to pick up. This allows her to chip away at their health even when she’s not present and does not force her to find them as many of the other Family members must.

All of Sissy’s unique Poison Perks grant her additional bonuses for doing well, and this includes things like not consuming powder to make poison (Efficient Herbalist), making her clouds larger and allowing them to stick around longer (Linger), slowing Victims down (Rubber Legs), and dropping emergency clouds if a Victim escapes a Close Encounter (Spore Loser). All of these will enhance her ability, but Linger is perhaps the most useful for attempting to hurt Victims if she has not found one yet in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Release Date:

    Tobe Hooper

    Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, Gunnar Hansen, Paul A. Partain


    83 minutes

    Main Genre:


    Tobe Hooper, Kim Henkel

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a horror/slasher film released in 1974 by director Tobe Hooper and was one of the first major horror films to earn theatrical bans nationwide. Inspired by the murders of Ed Grein, this fictional story follows a group of teenagers headed by Sally and Franklin Hardesty as they run on a road trip to investigate the grave robbing and vandalism of their grandfather’s resting place. Discovering a gas station with no fuel, the teenagers head off toward the homestead and stumble upon a house where they ask for gas. Unfortunately, the home isn’t too inviting, and the terror known as Leatherface is unleashed on the unsuspecting victims. As darkness falls, the group will fight for their lives as the chainsaw-wielding man and his twisted family seek to bring an end to them all. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was followed up with a sequel twelve years later and has since had reboots, sequels, and other media spun off from this original film.


    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

    Daniel Pearl

    Tobe Hooper

    Production Company:

    Main Characters :
    Leatherface, Jerry, Kirk, Franklin Hardesty, Sally Hardesty, Pam

    Sfx Supervisor:
    Dean W. Miller

    Distributor :
    Bryanston Distributing Company

    Assistant Director :
    Sallye Richardson

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